Theme:  Digitalization As An Enabler For Economic Diversification, Trends And Developments In An Age Of Automation

Date: August 07, 2018
Time: 13:00 – 14:30

Synopsis: Described as the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, digitalization will dramatically change the way things get done – it will disrupt established processes and birth new business models that will empower those who embrace it; terms such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things, smart cities and data economy are no longer just concepts―they are changing our lives in new, exciting and even frightening ways.
From marginal field development to the study and development of hydrocarbon resources buried in deep-water thin-beds, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Nigeria Council continues to play a leading role in facilitating multidisciplinary initiatives aimed at identifying and realizing future business and developmental opportunities. This session will analyse the options available to Nigeria to take advantage of digitalization in the context of three questions (for governments and corporations) – the impact on jobs (new and existing), how to protect privacy (including security) and the effect of AI on competition in business (within and between companies). With a youthful population that is fast adopting fintech and e-commerce along with continued growth in mobile phone penetration, Nigeria is primed to leapfrog its way towards economic and social prosperity.
The oil and gas industry has been a traditional technology leader in Nigeria and despite its shifting focus to broader energy sources, the industry still holds the ability to play a leading role in Nigeria’s digital transformation. With the country currently pushing a diversification agenda, the industry must lead the collaborative efforts required to reap maximum benefits from the digital economy. From self-learning field development models to supply chains, customer service, human resources and future spaces, how should the oil industry position itself to unlock part of an estimated $4trn in global economic value over the next 20 years?
Want to know? Come join our panel of cross-industry experts as we set the agenda in this new and exciting field.

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