The SPE Nigeria Digital Transformation and New Technologies (DTNT) was conceived in 2019 to improve the understanding of contemporary digitalization and create an enabling environment that encourages individuals, organizations, societies, and economic sectors in Nigeria and the West African sub-region to sustain continuous improvement traction leading to operational excellence.

The DTNT leverages SPE's expansive platform and its members' technical capacity to deliver industry perspectives on the state, effects, expected benefits, and issues raised by digitalization in the oil and gas sector. As part of its core objectives, the DTNT has the mandate to upskill Nigerian undergraduate engineering students in their penultimate year (400 level) of learning with digital skills. This objective is operationalized through synergistic collaboration between CypherCrescent and the Academia to deliver digital capacity development training to the undergraduates to enhance their problem-solving skills and prepare them for a technology-driven digital world. Digital capacity development involves training on machine learning and its application in the oil & gas industry; after the training, the students are assigned industry-based projects with supervisors from the industry.

Our Objectives:

Addressing the issues and concerns about our increasingly digitalised world, the DTNTC shall focus on:

1. Driving accelerated digital transformation in the oil & gas industry by influencing inclusive and well-coordinated policies to harness the benefits of digitalisation while mitigating the challenges faced by policymakers.
2. Regularly bringing together, bright minds and distinguished industry leaders at high-level meetings, forums and roundtables, thus creating unique opportunities for comprehensive discussions and valuable opportunities, that promote digital transformation advocacy across the E&P value-chain and between SPE members.
3. Collaborating with academia to foster digital capacity development for our undergraduates and graduates to enhance their problem-solving skills and prepare them for a technology-driven digital world.
4. Working out strategies to address digitalisation concerns regarding the impact of digitalisation on employment and job distribution as well as helping our teaming members to up-skill and adjust to the fast-evolving knowledge-driven digital economy.

SPE Nigeria Council is looking for a qualified professional member of SPE volunteer to fill in the position of Chairman, SPE Nigeria Digital Transformation and New Technologies Committee (DTNTC) -  (A Tripple Helix Project).
  • Must be an SPE Member with up-to-date membership status
  • A minimum of 10 years of industry experience
  • Proven leadership experience in any industry, but preferably within the energy industry
  • Expert knowledge of Machine Learning
  • Knowledge of programming language (Python preferably)
  • Excellence reporting and presentation skills
Duration of Project/Volunteer Leadership: 2 years
Application method: click on this link to apply  bit.ly/DTNT_SPE
Deadline: Dec. 15, 2022
For further information, please send an email to admin@spenigeriacouncil.org