SPE Code of Conduct

SPE Code of  Professional Conduct Overview 2014


The Code was written to define and promote the highest standards of competency, honesty, integrity and impartiality for Professional members in our society. 

Our members must adhere to applicable laws, protect the environment and safe guard the public welfare in their professional actions and behavior.

These principles govern professional conduct in serving the interests of the public, employers, clients, colleagues and the profession.


History of the Code

The original Code of Professional Conduct was written and approved by the SPE Board of Directors in 1985.

The Code has been reviewed and revised in 2004, 2010 and 2013 to maintain relevancy with SPE’s global growth and advances in technology.

The code is complementary to other professional codes that may exist within other professional or technical engineering societies.

What Does the Code Address?

Only offer services in areas of their competence and experience.

Consider the consequences of their work, societal issues pertinent to it and seek to extend public understanding.

Are honest, truthful, ethical and fair in presenting information.

Engage in professional relationships without bias or prejudice.

Act in professional matters for employers or clients as faithful agents or trustees.

Disclose potential conflicts of interest that may influence judgment or impair fairness.

Are responsible for enhancing their professional competence and not obtaining competency credentials through misrepresentation or misconduct.

Accept responsibility for their actions and properly credit the contributions of others.

Advise appropriate parties when duties may adversely affect public health and safety.

Seek to adopt technical and economic measures to render potentially adverse impacts to the environment or health, safety and security as low as reasonably practicable.

Act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations governing the practice of engineering.

Do not engage to offer or accept bribes or facilitate payments.

Consequences of Code Violation

Non-compliance can be filed with SPE at president@spe.org. 

The SPE Board-level Conduct Review Committee reviews the charge of non-compliance and can recommend actions that may include:

1. No penalty

2. Warning

4. Suspension of membership for a set period

5. Permanent expulsion from SPE membership