Past Events

June 25th 2020 Event: Dr. Peter Kelemen, Columbia University.

Geological Processes for CO2 Removal from Air and Permanent Storage at the Scale of Gigatons per Year

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July 2020 Event: Daniel Palmer, OGCI Climate Investments.

Technology and Projects for methane and CO2 emissions in the Petroleum industry in California

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August 2020 Event: Ken Haney, California Resources Corporation.

The Elk Hill CO2 Carbon Capture & Underground Storage Project - Ken Haney, CRC

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September 2020 Event:

Johana Dunlop & Flora Moon of the Society of Petroleum Engineers “GAIA”

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November 2020 Event: Ramon Elias, Santa Maria Energy

Revolutionary New Materials and Products From Oil

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January 2021 Event: Steve Bohlen, Chief of the California Geologic Survey

What Would Carbon Neutrality Mean for California’s Oil & Gas Industry?

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February 2021 Event: Charlene Wardlow, CalGEM.

California Geothermal Resources and Prospects for Growth

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March 2021 Event: Riley Duren, Engineering Fellow at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab.

Measuring Methane Sources via Satellite and Aerial Survey

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April 2021 Event: Jennifer Lucchesi, Calif State Lands Commission.

Sustainable Public Land Management and Balanced Resource Protection for Current and
Future Generations

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May 2021 Event: Dr. William Glassley, UC Davis & Maria Richards, SMU.

How to Transition Oil & Gas Fields to Generate Geothermal Energy

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September 2021 Event: Stan Cross, Chevron Technology Ventures.

Chevron's Kern River Carbon Capture Project

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October 2021 Event: Emily Hazelwood and Amber Jackson, Blue Latitudes

Rigs as Reefs: Re-imaging Offshore Decommissioning in California

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November 2021 Event: Ramon Elias, Santa Maria Energy and Bill Clary, Pacific AgriTec

A Commercial Solution for CO2 Capture

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December 2021 Event: Andres Chavarria, OptaSense
Fiber Optic Monitoring of Infrastructure: From Leak Detection to Seismic Surveillance

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January 2022 Event: Isabel Chan, TechnipFMC
iProduction Technology Solutions to Eliminate Flaring & Methane Emissions from Production Facilities

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May 2022 Event: Dr. Peter Roos, Bridger Photonics
Aerial Methane Monitoring & Measurement

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June 2022 Event: Katy Larson, Battelle Memorial Institute

Californians as Leaders of Carbon Capture & Storage

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