Scholarship Requirements

Texas A&M Undergrad Petroleum Engineering Scholarship Recipients

L to R:
Dr. Bryan Maggard, Department Scholarship Chairman
Matthew  Holland
Andy  Contreras
Michael Johnson
Nicolas  Osa
Natalie  Mazanek

University of Houston Undergrad Petroleum Engineering Scholarship Recipients

From left to right: De Xuan Vo, Rensol Cheng, Sujan Patel, Segun Ade-Fosudo, Mikhail Alekseenko and Dr. Tom Holley

University of Houston Recipient

Samarth Saxena (center) with his thesis advisor Dr. Birol Dindoruk (right) and Dr. Thomas Holley

OU Recipients

Student and Facility names on the picture starting  left to right:

Dr. Devegowda, Kaverinathan Dhanapal, Yinan Hu, Dr. Rai, Xiaochun Jin, Dr. Shah ( shorter gentleman in front), Dr. Jamili ( taller gentleman in back), Yixin Ma,Luchao Jin

University of Tulsa

Kyle Drew

Texas Tech Recipients

From left to right, Hossein Emadi, Elias Pirayesh, Dr. Mohamed Soliman, and Fahd Siddiqui

OU Scholarship Recipients