Chairperson's Message

Newsletters 2023-2024 Alex Shih

October 2023

Dear SPE Dallas Members,


Earlier this month, SPE Dallas hosted our annual golf tournament, our first one since the beginning of COVID-19. Thank you to those who participated.  Proceeds from the golf tournament are used to fund scholarships awarded to petroleum engineering students.  We look forward to next year’s tournament.

The recent M&A activity in our industry may fundamentally change the energy landscape here in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Petroleum engineering talent representation will likely dampen as a massive exodus of petro-professional talent will ensue.  However, this is a tremendous opportunity for those who remain here to carry the torch of leading our local SPE chapter.  

The next class of SPE Dallas leadership will have to adapt to the local economy here in DFW, where there is virtually equal representation across all industries (technology, financial services, healthcare, aerospace, consumer packaged goods, etc).  Although this may seem idealistic, we need to show our members how technical skills and business acumen can be applied to other industries; we also need to educate other industries and sectors on how the petroleum engineering skillset can be transferred to other industries.  More importantly, we need to inform the public about the role that hydrocarbons will continue to play in our lifetime.  

I encourage petro-professionals to join SPE Dallas.  The Chapter is looking for the next wave of volunteers and leaders.  Please reach out to me or any member of the Board to seek opportunities to volunteer.  

As a reminder, SPE Dallas is hosting a sporting clays tournament on November 17th (the sign-up link is posted on the SPE Dallas website).  Also, please remember to renew your SPE membership.  



Alex Shih