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When:  Feb 26, 2020 from 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM (CT)
Where:   Brookhaven College Geotechnology Institute (BCGI), Building H, 3939 Valley View Lane, Farmer's Branch, TX, 75244, US
Community:   Dallas Section

When & Where

Brookhaven College Geotechnology Institute (BCGI), Building H
3939 Valley View Lane
Farmer's Branch, TX 75244

Feb 26, 11:30 AM - 01:00 PM (CT)


Speaker: Wei Yu of Sim Tech LLC

Topic: The Best Fracture Modeling Solution: Non-Intrusive Emmbedded Discrete Fracture Model (EDFM) Technology

Date & Time: Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 11:30 AM

Location: Brookhaven College Geological Institute

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Recent advances in fracture-diagnostic tools and fracture-propagation models make it necessary to efficiently and accurately model fractures with complex geometries in reservoir-simulation studies. In this talk, we will present an innovative method to model fractures with complex geometries with any third-party reservoir simulators in a non-intrusive manner. Through nonneighboring connections (NNCs), an embedded discrete fracture model (EDFM) preprocessor is developed and applied to any commercial reservoir simulators to properly model fractures with complex geometries such as irregular fracture networks, nonplanar hydraulic fractures and natural fractures. We demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of the approach by comparing the results with local-grid-refinement (LGR) models and its filed applications. The nonintrusive application of the EDFM allows insertion of the discrete fractures into the computational domain and the use of original functionalities of the simulators without having access to the source code of the simulators. It may be easily integrated into existing frameworks for unconventional reservoirs to handle gas Huff-n-Puff simulation, well interference due to complex fracture hits, automatic history matching, and well spacing optimization.

Speaker Bio: 

Wei Yu is currently a chief technology advisor for SimTech LLC. His research interests include commercialization of EDFM (Embedded Discrete Fracture Model) technology for modeling any complex fractures and EDFM-AI for automatic history matching. He is an Associate Editor for SPE Journal and Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. Yu authored or coauthored more than 150 technical papers and holds five patents and two books (“Shale Gas and Tight Oil Reservoir Simulation” and “Embedded Discrete Fracture Modeling and Application in Reservoir Simulation”). He holds a PhD degree in petroleum engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. 



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