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SPE Flow Assurance Technical Section

Carolyn Koh

Chair’s Message

Welcome to the SPE Flow Assurance Technical Section (FTS)

We are serving the global energy community to share knowledge relevant to flow assurance, production chemistry and related topics, including the role of carbon capture, data science, and other cutting-edge technologies in flow assurance.

Flow assurance is focused on ensuring the flow is stable and efficient from the reservoir to the process equipment, pipes are of adequate size, flow velocities are not too high and not too low, and system pressures are not exceeding safe limits. Also that most effective and safe chemicals are used to improve existing energy production and to prevent blockages (asphaltenes, hydrates, ice, paraffin wax, sand, scale) and other flow instabilities in reservoir, wells and flowlines, as well as optimize scraping / pigging of pipelines. In addition, in order to advance net zero emissions strategies, flow assurance engineers are developing and incorporating carbon capture, hydrogen transport, and data science technologies.

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Carolyn Koh
Chair, SPE Flow Assurance Technical Section

                                                        Award for Technical Excellence

Flow Assurance Technical Section (FTS) has been awarded the Technical Section Excellence Award for 2022. This prestigious award is the second-highest honor technical sections may receive and is awarded to only 20% of eligible technical sections worldwide. The award recognizes the section’s hard work and strong programs in technical dissemination, professional development, member engagement, community involvement, and operations. Thank you for continuing to fulfill SPE’s mission and serve your members.

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