General Meeting Schedule for 2019 – 2020

Mon 23 Sep 2019 Warren Hubler, H&P, “Making Safety Personal in the Oil and Gas Industry”  Joint meeting with AADE
Mon 28 Oct 2019 Charles Speed, "The Snakes That Bite You" - Lessons Learned About Surface and Subsurface Materials and Corrosion Failures in Oil & Gas Production  JOint meeting with NACE
Mon 18 Nov 2019 Loren Steffy, “George P. Mitchell: Fracking, Sustainability, and an Unorthodox Quest to Save the Planet”   Joint meeting with LGS and AADE
Mon 16 Dec 2019 Jason Mathews, BSEE, "BSEE - All Things Safety"
Mon 27 Jan 2020 Geoff Downton*, Schlumberger, "Rotary Steerable Systems Current Trends and Future Directions"
Mon 10 Feb 2020 Jim Pettigrew, Director Of Offshore Energy Safety Institute, “OESI Report Path to US Off shore Oil and Gas Operations in 21st Century”
Mon 23 Mar 2020 Gregory Walker*, Repsol, "Enhancing Fluid Recovery in shales: Why Pores less than 10nm Matter"
Mon 27 Apr 2020 Lillian Espinoza-Gala, “Macondo - The Final Crew Change: Through Lens of Second Stories”
Mon 18 May 2020 John Smith, Annual Ethics Review
Mon 22 Jun 2020 Surej Subbiah*, Schlumberger, "Root Cause and Mitigation for Sand Production"

* SPE Distinguished Lecturer Series