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The purpose of this section shall be to promote the exchange of information, technology, and development of understanding and competence in the area of Human Factors for application to the petroleum industry. Key objectives include exchanging Human Factors technical information and raising awareness in the larger SPE of the role Human Factors play in the oil and gas industry.  Additionally, the section will promote improved HSE performance through better application of Human Factors technology, liaise with, and learn from other industry organizations.


HFTS endeavors to connect the HF expertise and best HF practices to the O&G practitioners and build a living community of people interested in the practical application of HF. 
We will educate the SPE community and the industry on HF in order to enhance (process) safety, efficiency, and engineering practices in our industry. 
We will lead the industry by promoting the integration of HF with educational and professional competencies and collaborating with other industry bodies so that all professions in the industry have a common understanding of HF and how to apply it (to meet the demand) 
We will achieve that vision through: 
  1. Building bridges between various communities of HF experts, academia, practitioners, students, and regulators 
  2. Influencing curricula of academic and engineering programs  
  3. Collaborating with other industry bodies and creating HF landscape maps, e.g. what other bodies are doing 
  4. Promoting O&G among the HF professionals outside O&G 
  5. Integrating HF into SPE initiatives where appropriate, e.g. Petrobowl, and working across SPE communities and technical sections 
  6. Promoting, rewarding, and recognizing practical application of HF 
  7. Organizing events, workshops and providing informative materials 

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HF Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis

Several papers are being published in SPE Conferences and Journals discussing the Human Factors Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis. One of the interesting paper is:

OTC-25280-MS: Human Factors in Hazard Analysis

This paper discussed the OGP report and other guidance on Human Factors in hazard analysis along with practical lessons learned and challenges from the authors' experiences on major offshore design projects on a range of hazard analyses such as HAZOPs, Hazard Identification Studies (HAZIDs), Qualitative Risk Assessments (QRAs) and Escape, Evacuation and Rescue Analyses (EERAs), etc. The challenge continues in integrating more HFE during hazard and risk management activities in all engineering design activities. This paper has provided the impetus, guidance and momentum to address the human element in hazard analysis during the design of oil and gas facilities; this is just "the tip of the spear".


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