Chairman's Message

In our world of short emails, texts, tweets and abbreviations taking to time write down your thoughts seems easy, until you try...

Back in 2005 it was not even dreamed that I could bring anything to a board such as the Evangeline section. There I was, sitting with the likes of the people around me, veterans of the industry, well-known figures and higher-ups…I’m the manager of a local, family owned, service company, I have a mechanical engineering background and I felt I had something to offer, yeah right…

Seven years later, I’m fixing to start my second term as Chairman. Maybe it was timing…I learned the organization from some long standing members who have since retired, relocated or passed. I served time with most of the facets of the board and got to see the great work and appreciation of those it touched. These sub-committees work to spread our good fortune in many directions. From the scholarships, grants and fellowships that the section provides we are able to connect with students of all ages and learning levels and promote the positive aspects of what the Oil and Gas Industry has done for all of us.

Coupled with a revived growth from young new members, and some returning past members, the upcoming year looks to be a productive one. If you are interested in seeing how you can help or learn more, just contact one of our members and get involved.


Zackery Carlisle

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