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The CCUS technical section is an SPE community engaged in collaboration, knowledge sharing, and spearheading activities dedicated to the advancement of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS), and decarbonization of the petroleum industry. CCUS is a method to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by capturing CO2 and safely storing it in geologic formations so that it doesn’t enter the atmosphere. Depleted oil and gas reservoirs and deep saline aquifers are recognized as promising CO2 storage targets for CCUS. With over 30 years of experience in subsurface injection of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), the petroleum industry is playing a major role in the advancement of CCUS by providing guidance/expertise in key areas related to evaluation and management of CO2 storage resources associated with CO2-EOR and geologic storage sites. Synergy between CCUS and oil/gas activities is key for providing technical and economic benefits to the petroleum industry while helping to reduce the environmental impact of the energy sector.

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Carbon Dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage

Please join us for an SPE webinar on 28 March at 4:00pm (CDT) titled, Gauging Success: Bechmarking Carbon Sequestration.

By Peter Kirkham, Moderated by Maria A. Capello

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Webinar Abstract

The energy transition is driving fundamental changes in the way we consume and manage energy. One part of the toolkit to achieve net zero involves the storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) in subsurface reservoir formations, or carbon sequestration.

Whilst the injection of CO2 into subsurface formations for permanent storage is a relatively new concept, the technical fundamentals of CO2 injection have been around and practiced by the oil industry for decades. This suggests that there should be a good basis from which the costs for CO2 sequestration can be determined.

Injection is just one part of the puzzle. The full value chain, by necessity, also involves the capture of carbon dioxide, transportation to the disposal site, and finally storage in the subsurface. What is the interaction between these different components in a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project and how can we benchmark the performance of these projects? What are the key metrics that should be examined?

This “Think Tank” interactive webinar presents an overview of the current status of CCS projects in the world and highlights key aspects related to the benchmarking of CCS project performance.

Speaker Bio for this webinar :

Peter Kirkham is an engineer at Twinza Oil and a committee member of the SPE Management Technical committee. Prior to Twinza Oil Peter worked as a consultant at a leading project benchmarking organisation where he was involved in the evaluation of more than 100 oil and gas projects from early concept through to post start-up. At Twinza Oil, Peter has been building reservoir models for the company’s Pasca A development, including investigating the practicality of carbon sequestration into the future depleted reservoir or aquifer.


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