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  • 1.  CO2 Storage Work Group (CSWG)- Introduction

    Posted 14 days ago

    Mission and Purpose

    The CO2 Storage Work Group (CSWG) is a collaborative effort formed in 2024 with core group of volunteers. CSWG is part of the SPE's CCUS Technical Section and associated with SPE's Well Integrity Technical Section, with a top-level mission to advance the safety, integrity, and efficiency of CO2 storage.

    Carbon storage in geological formations will play a crucial role to address climate change and energy transition challenges. According to the International Energy Agency's Clean Technology Scenario, it is projected that a total of 107 gigatons of CO2 will be permanently stored by 2060. To achieve this goal, a substantial scale-up of geological CO2 storage from today's levels will be necessary.

    Structure and Objectives

    To achieve our mission, the CSWG is structured into three subgroups (SG), where each subgroup is focused on a specific objective as follows:

    ·         SG 1: Regulatory, economic and policy status.

    ·         SG 2: Technical excellence and operational integrity.

    ·         SG 3: Knowledge sharing, best practices, and standardization.

    Expected Outcomes of CSWG

    CSWG aims to engage a broader audience within SPE and leveraging volunteer contributions to drive task completion. The CSWG aims to achieve several key outcomes, including:

    ·         Hosting informative webinars.

    ·         Organizing special sessions on relevant topics.

    ·         Publishing research papers and articles.

    ·         Developing guidelines and best practices.

    ·         And other valuable resources.

    Getting Involved

    If you are interested in receiving information, participating, or contributing to CSWG activities, please email our chairpersons.

    ·         Harpreet Singh (Chair):

    ·         Valerie Wilson (Co-Chair):

  • 2.  RE: CO2 Storage Work Group (CSWG)- Introduction

    Posted 13 days ago

    The ambitions for the study groups are very aspirational and broad.  I think the structure and mission statement should split the general concept of CO2 storage into EOR/Recyling of Pore Space at or near original reservoir pressure and CCS that includes storage above original reservoir pressure and below frac pressure.  These pathways to CO2 storage appear to be on a collision course.  The EOR approach has less technical risks.  However, the incremental fossil fuel production generates antagonism from the environmental movement, particularly in the United States.  The CCS approach is fraught with containment issues, plume modeling, and pore space ownership issues.  Depending on where the storage is in the local geologic section, CCS creates technical and economic damage risks to strata below the storage interval.   Addressing these pathways under the same umbrella runs a serious risk of jeopardizing both pathways with the baggage of the other technology. 

    [Carter ][Copeland ][President]

  • 3.  RE: CO2 Storage Work Group (CSWG)- Introduction

    Posted 12 days ago

    You are right about the study group having a broad aspiration and that is the precise reason we are opening it up to the larger CCUS TS group. It is also in recognition of these broad scope that we have divided the study into several subgroups and invite interested members to join. We are not trying to focus on EOR, but our focus is mainly on CO2 storage although EOR with CO2 could be considered in that umbrella.

    The CSWG work group actually exist to address the very same issues you have listed such as the containment issues, plume modelling and space ownership issues. This is why we are seeking experienced professionals to look at the processes holistically and come up with solutions and recommendations that could be standardized and replicated all over the world.

    Finally, we do need CCS/CCUS to act as a bridge for the energy transition. we need more policies and involvement of the government to make CCS/CCUS projects viable. I do hope this convinces you to join the work group.

    Doris Ipinniwa