About the Committee
The CSRC is responsible for matters related to estimating, classifying, categorizing, and reporting CO2 storage resources in the context of the CO2 Storage Resources Management System (SRMS).

The CSRC has twelve to sixteen SPE members with experience in CO2 storage, natural gas storage, or resource classification. Members are appointed for three-year terms but are not limited to three years of service. Annually, the CSRC will solicit nominations for membership from the SPE Carbon Dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage Technical Section (CCUS TS). Provided there are CSRC openings, the CSRC will accept nominations. any time during the year. The SPE Oil and Gas Reserve Committee (OGRC) has permanent non-voting member(s) on the CSRC.

Organizations co-sponsoring the SRMS may nominate up to two (2) members to the CSRC. The CSRC will consider observer nominations from organizations not co-sponsoring the SRMS. Each organization not co-sponsoring the SRMS can have up to one (1) observer. Observers are non-voting members of the CSRC and serve as liaisons between the CSRC and their respective organizations.

The CSRC will review nominations and extend membership based on a vote of the CSRC.

Members' Qualifications and Experience

  • Must be an SPE member, unless appointed by an observing organization
  • Must have experience in CO2 storage, natural gas storage, or resource classification

Members' Expected Contribution

  • Participate in monthly virtual meetings
  • Review documents between meetings
  • Make original writing contributions
  • Participation on subcommittees may be required

CSRC Responsibilities

  • Maintains SPE's SRMS and SRMS Guidelines
  • Develops SRMS training materials
  • Disseminates SRMS information to SPE membership, professional organizations, agencies, and companies involved in the use of SRMS
  • Cooperates with SPE committees (e.g., the OGRC and CCUS TS) and external organizations in the development and delivery of relevant initiatives
  • Liaises with other organizations in efforts to achieve worldwide use of SRMS
  • Monitors SRMS activities of other organizations and reports to the SPE Board on these matters
  • Provides periodic reports to the SPE Board and Technical Committee on SRMS issues

Review of SRMS and SRMS Guidelines
The CSRC will ensure that the SRMS and supplemental materials are current and represent industry recommended practices. The frequency of revisions will need to balance their efficacy, the need for stakeholders to have stability in their application, and the degree of effort required to update and communicate changes. The situation must be avoided where continual updates to the documents results in too frequent restating or re-classifying of resources. The definitions included in the SRMS represent a set of values or principles that should not be readily changed. Nevertheless, the committee should conduct a review every five years.