Well Integrity Technical Section

Welcome to the Well Integrity Technical Section

Management of well integrity is about applying technical, operational and organizational methods to ensure containment of fluids and reduce risk/prevent escape of fluids at surface or to subterranean formations.

The Well Integrity Technical Section is a community for those with an interest in safe management of well integrity throughout all phases of the well life cycle. The purpose of the Technical Section is to:

  • Provide a forum for SPE members for robust discussion and knowledge sharing between professionals and academia within the area of well integrity.
  • Inform the community about the latest news and practices in well integrity, such as updates to Standards, key technical conferences, and important SPE papers.
  • Support and promote knowledge, skills and best practices within well integrity management through PetroWiki, webinars, workshops, Distinguished Lecturer programs, conference technical sessions, and publications such as JPT.
  • Work closely with all relevant SPE Technical Disciplines and Sections.

       Board members:      WITS Chair Person :      Valerie Wilson               Past Chair:  Alec Crabtree       Administrative Chair:  Ainur Kaken        Progam Chair:    Matteo Loizzo
                                               Membership Chair:
        Obadah Al Sawadi        Director:      Scott Myers         
Community Webmaster:  Philip Wodka
                                               Industry Liaison Officer:  Michael Edwards         
 Learning & Development Officer: Manish Narendra Srivastava             
                                               Casing Deformation Workgroup Chair Persons: Dan Dall'Acqua / Alberto Casero         

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