It is the board of director’s pleasure to announce the 2020-2021 scholarship program. The program aims to attract engineering students that are interested in a career in Petroleum. Our goal is to promote local interest in up and coming talent who will be the future of our industry.

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September 2020

The Wilmington Oil Field, Oil Production and Subsidence Mitigation in an Urban Environment
John Jepson
Energy Resources Board
City of Long Beach

Past and Future Forum Presentations
Archive of Petroleum Luncheon Extras

January 2020 Petroleum Technology Luncheon
Presentation Material

"Upwing Subsurface Compressor System™ (SCS) for Gas Wells"

David Biddick
Upwing Energy Project Director

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Welcome the New Chairperson! Joint LASPE-CCCOGP Meeting, CRC reorganizing in Chapter 11, COVID 19 Postpones Golf Tournament

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to thank the LA SPE Board members for their support over the past year as I transitioned from being the Secretary, to Vice Chair, and now accept the honor or being the Chair. I would especially like to thank those past chairs under whom I have volunteered over the past two years. Robert Schaaf and Baldev Gill have set a great example for me and I hope to continue their work in the LA Basin. I would also like to congratulate Baldev on being appointed the Southern District Deputy at CalGEM (formerly DOGGR). For the LA SPE Board Members, I want to thank you and appreciate your continued voluntary efforts and hard work and for being the critical support mechanism for the LA SPE section.

I take the helm of the LA Basin SPE during unprecedented times. Since April, LA Basin has continued to hold board meetings and regular meetings using video-conferencing software with great success and higher than normal attendance. Continuing a tradition of several years, the September meeting will be held jointly with CCCOGP, with a presentation from John Jepson a Senior Geologist for the Energy Resources Department in the City of Long Beach (formerly LBGO). Mr. Jepson’s talk is titled “The Wilmington Oil Field, Oil Production and Subsidence Mitigation in an Urban Environment” and the meeting will also be held virtually.

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