It is the board of director’s pleasure to announce the 2018-2019 scholarship program. The program aims to attract engineering students that are interested in a career in Petroleum. Our goal is to promote local interest in up and coming talent who will be the future of our industry.

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TECHNOLOGY LUNCHEON Tuesday, February 11th 2020

Driving Conformance Success Through Better Problem Understanding and a Process Approach
David D. Smith
ConocoPhillips Inc.

The Grand, Long Beach, CA

Past and Future Forum Presentations
Archive of Petroleum Luncheon Extras

January 2020 Petroleum Technology Luncheon
Presentation Material

"Upwing Subsurface Compressor System™ (SCS) for Gas Wells"

David Biddick
Upwing Energy Project Director

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Welcome New Chairperson Baldev Gill, Vote for Distinguished Lecturers, Become a Teacher!

Dear Colleagues,

First I wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope that 2020 is kind to you and your families. In the words of Gene Autry’s 1939 classic song (yes before my time and very likely before yours!) I am “Back in the Saddle Again”. I want to thank all the LA SPE Board members with a special thanks to Robert Schaff (as chair) and Ted Frankieiwcz (as program Chair) for running the LA SPE section ship for the past few years and ensuring a forum for our members to attend monthly meetings as well as participate in the Western Regional Meetings, which I have had the pleasure and honor of co-chairing twice with Ted. For the LA SPE Board Members I want to thank you and appreciate your continued voluntary efforts and hard work and for being the critical support mechanism for the LA SPE section.

Jumping straight into this year’s first newsletter our good friend, Don Clarke, spoke at the December Luncheon along with his associate Eric Witten. They discussed current issues regarding the difficulties getting approvals for injection projects and well abandonments. Don and Eric shed considerable light on the problems that now exist and the potential consequences that might result. Their suggestion of forming a joint task force with industry and governmental agency representation to address these issues needs to be given serious consideration.

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