LA SPE Scholarship Information - Applications accepted thru August 31st

Dear fellow LASPE members and applicants,

It is the board of director’s pleasure to announce the 2021-2022 scholarship program. The program aims to attract engineering students interested in a career in the Oil & Gas Industry. Our goal is to promote local interest in up-and-coming talent who will be the future of our industry. We want to encourage students to pursue science and engineering curriculums and to increase their awareness of future career opportunities. The LASPE awards scholarships to local university graduates, undergraduate students, and local high school students.

We want to thank all the companies, members, and contributors who participate in our events, workshops, and activities. These activities and the funds generated are the lifeblood of our program that have enabled us to award scholarships to deserving students for years. Please pass along the scholarship announcement and application to a promising candidate if you know one. The LASPE scholarship committee will also reach out and spread the word to local universities.

For more information, contact:

Awards available:

  • High School Student Scholarship of $500 each or more; any high school student enrolled in the LA Basin SPE region.
  • Undergraduate Scholarships of $1,000 each or more; USC, UCLA, UCI, and Cal State Long Beach.
  • Master’s Students Scholarships of $1,000 each or more, of which Bruce Davis Scholarship will be for the USC award, and others for top Master’s Students at UCLA, UCI, and CSULB based on GPA and extracurricular activities. Contingent upon applicant pool.
  • Graduate Student Awards for Excellence of $1,500 each for the most outstanding contribution to the Oil & Gas industry. Can be a project, paper, thesis, etc.
  • Candidates who are relatives of SPE Members from outside local schools will be considered if they pursue a technical degree path pertinent to the Oil & Gas industry.

The Scholarship committee will accept applications through August 31st. The awards will be presented to students at a special meeting in September or October.

Scoring Criteria and considerations:

Merit Based scholarship

High School, Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarships

PhD candidates only eligible for Awards of Excellence.

  • GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • Complete scholarship application
  • Must be pursuing technical degree field
  • Maintain full time academic load/full time student status for upcoming terms
  • Active member of SPE (Student Chapter or L.A. Basin Section)
  • Research Project, Paper or Thesis – Synopsis/abstract attachment. 300 words max
  • Internships served – When, Where & Duties
  • Consideration for activity serving the industry and supporting SPEI section/chapter
    • Section participation
    • Industry event participation
    • Volunteerism at events
    • Attendance of workshops/meetings
    • Young Professionals
  • Personal statement of interest in pursuing career in oil & gas industry – 100 words or less


LASPE scholarship application form in MS Word

LASPE scholarship application form in PDF