THE WAY AHEAD – How we are born…

The activities of the group of young professional within SPE Italian Section started with an initiative called “The Way Ahead”. It was fall 1999. The inspiration for that came from Giovanni Paccaloni (appointed as 2005 SPE president), who gathered a group of motivated young people working in the industry to take on the challenge to create an innovative initiative that would target a group of potential SPE member that – he felt – SPE was not effectively attracting with the scheduled activities.

Now “The Way Ahead” is the name of the SPE young professional international magazine, born in 2005, set up thanks to the support of the at that time in office SPE president Giovanni Paccaloni and to the active participation of two italian young professionals (Thomas Bruni and Loris Tealdi). In it, you will find items of particular interest to younger members of the industry, including articles on the finding your career path, improving key skills, and the roles of young professionals around the world.


and What We Do


SPE Young Professionals Italian Section mission is to identify, engage, and develop SPE members 35 years old and younger, as well as other industry newcomers, by providing relevant technical education and networking opportunities.

The main efforts are focused on engaging the maximum number of people to create a network between the members, involving also the not technical people interested at the oil & gas world.