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  • SPE Distinguished Lecturer: "Capping a Subsea Blowout is not Rocket Science - or is it?"

    On 10 September 2020, SPE Italian Section has carried out the first live online on the Youtube web-platform of a Distinguished Lecture.
    We have hosted Andy Cuthbert on the SPE Italian Section Youtube Channel. Andy is an experienced Senior Manager in upstream oil & gas with 35 years of operations, management and business development experience. He has strong knowledge and experience in directional drilling, multilateral completion technology, well integrity and well control.
    Andy introduced us to innovative methodologies based on Computational Fluid Dynamics - a scientific discipline widely used in the aerospace sector - to solve serious and serious problems related to oil spills like the one we will all remember about GOM.
    I want to resubmit the video recording for those who have not had the opportunity to participate online.
    A snapshot of the live event.

    Furthermore, for those who have access to the Onepetro platform, I want to point out Andy's paper - SPE199087MS - prepared for presentation at the SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference originally scheduled to be held in Bogota, Colombia, 17 - 19 March 2020. Due to COVID-19, the physical event was postponed until 27 - 31 July 2020 and was changed to a virtual event. The official proceedings were published online on 20 July 2020.
    Our virtual host has promised us to visit us in person in Milan when the pandemic will be totally under control.

    Last but not least... I want to thank my fellow organizers of the lecture: Luca Cadei - Program and Luca Motti - the creator of our online transmission platform.
  • SPE/Assomineraria/EAGE - Gustavo Sclocchi 27th Theses Award - July, 15th

    On behalf of the sponsoring associations SPE Italian Section, Assomineraria and EAGE, we are glad to invite you to the forthcoming "Gustavo Sclocchi 27th Theses Award" Ceremony, that will be held online on July, 15th starting from 17.30 (Italy time GMT+2).

    Please register to the event using the Google Form.

    The Award Ceremony will be Live on SPE Italian Section Youtube Channel.

  • Find the missing piece: making innovation a systematic process

    We are glad to invite you to the forthcoming Webinar on "How to make Innovation a systematic process" hosted by SPE Italian Section and ASP Alumni - Alta Scuola Politecnica on 25th June at 17:30 Italian Time (GMT+2).
    The event will be focused on Innovation and business models that allow to make innovation a systematic process and to be included in the logic of companies (business plan, budgeting,...).

    Please register to the event using the following link: https://www.eventbrite.it/e/biglietti-finding-the-missing-p…

    Three important speakers on the national and international scene will participate at the debate:
    Ivan Ortenzi, Chief Innovation Evangelist at Business Integration Partners.
    Mauro Piasere, Digital & Innovation Director at Saipem and COO of the XSIGHT Division.
    Ernesto Ciorra, Chief Innovability Officer at Enel.

    Spread the word and see you soon!

  • SPE Distinguished Lecturer - How Resilient are we?

    In two days SPE Italian Section returns live on its Youtube channel for a new streaming webinar:

    SPE Distinguished Lecturer - How Resilient are we?

    The webinar will be held by Hitesh Mohan, INTEK Inc. on June 17th, 17:30 IT.

    SPE Italian Section Channel

    The Distinguished Lecturer will deal with issues of Industrial Resilience, with clear reference to our O&G sector, upstream and downstream, well themed with the emergency that we are all experiencing worldwide. In fact, in this period of Covid-19 the SPE Distinguished Lecturer program provides webinars for the replacement of live events in the meeting room. We are going to webcast events directly on your devices. This opportunity has sharpened will and cunning and we have developed our Youtube channel to reach the members of our section: a digital communication method, adapted to the hard times, which will increasingly take hold in future events that see us engaged. Stay tuned.

  • SPE/EAGE/ASSOMIN "Gustavo Sclocchi" Theses Award 2019 - Winners

    SPE Italian Section together with EAGE and Assomineraria announce the winners of the 2019 edition of the “Gustavo Sclocchi” Theses Award.

    Categories Master of Science & Philosophy Doctor:

    Margherita Bruscolini

    Milan University


    BYF cements: an eco-friendly alternative to ordinary Portland cements

    Luca Bianchin

    Trieste University


    Low-frequency Reconstruction Methods for Elastic Parameter Estimation

    Chiara Zuffetti

    Milan University


    Characterization and Modelling of Complex Geological Architectures:  The Quaternary fill of the Po Basin at the Po Plain-Apennines border (Lombardy, Italy)


    Categories Bachelor of Science & 2nd Level Master:

    Giuseppe Battista Abbate

    Wien University

    2nd level Master

    Defining the path to implement predictive maintenance on an offshore drilling business

    Ahmed Mohamed Sadek Elgendy

    Turin Polytechnic

    2nd level Master

    Carbon Capture & storage: Modelling Prospective


    Special mentions:

    Martina Balestra

    Rome 3 University


    Structural-Thermal evolution of the Apenninic-Maghrebian fold-and-thrust belt in NW Sicily: insight from 1D to 3D modelling

    Magdalena Vera Chena

    Turin Polytechnic


    Risk Assessment of a Continuous Circulation System - Heart of Drilling (HoD) applied to drilling operations

    Iwan Setiawan

    Perugia University


    Seismic Characterization of a Late Miocene Calciclastic Deep-Water Fan in the Phu Khanh Basin, Offshore Vietnam

    Carlo Cristiano Stabile

    Turin Polytechnic

    2nd level Master

    Data Analytics Approaches for the Distribution of Enhanced Perm. Features in Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs

    Marco Teodori

    Turin Polytechnic


    PIG data processing for oil and gas pipeline integrity assessment


    We gratefully thank all the participants and congratulate the winners for their work.

  • In Memoriam: Giovanni Paccaloni

    On May 28, 2020, Giovanni Paccaloni, the SPE Italian Section Mentor, passed away at the age of 75. The news first left us totally unbelieving and then deeply sad.

    Giovanni, who joined the ENI Group in 1971, has carried out his professional career in the field of Drilling & Completion, to cover top managerial roles. He proved to be a manager of international standing and after retiring he held important consulting roles in the Oil & Gas industry.
    His initiatives for SPE at all levels, from the Italian Section up to the presidency of SPE International, and especially for the Young Professionals, give everlasting light to our Association.
    We believe to interpret the thoughts of all the Members of the SPE Italian Section in remembering him as a person of profound human values and ideals, an example of perseverance and constant search for excellence. And also a dear friend for many of us.
    We already feel the painful lack of such an engaging person, full of passion and capable of transmitting it to the others, and especially to young people, who he always spurred to grow professionally and personally.
    Giovanni will forever occupy a precious place in our hearts and thoughts.
  • SPE/EAGE/ASSOMIN "Gustavo Sclocchi" Theses Award 2019 - Update

    Due to the situation linked to the diffusion of the Covid-19 virus in Italy, and particularly in the northern regions, MIlan included, we inform you that the Theses Award ceremony, planned to be the next 26th of March at the Milan Politecnico, has been postponed.

    We are provisionally looking to rearrange the event for late May/early June.

    Updates from SPE Italian Section will be posted whenever available

  • SPE Distinguished Lecture - Reservoir Engineering While Drilling

    Reservoir Engineering While Drilling

    When:  Feb 19th, 2020 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (Italian Time), Sala Goliat - V Building Eni

    Associated with SPE Italian Section

    Coupling Downhole and Surface Fluid Measurements to Reveal Fluids Distribution While Drilling

    by Distinguished Lecturer Ilaria De Santo, Schlumberger



    Obtaining information on reservoir fluids distribution has always been of paramount importance for O&G Operator as this allows optimizing data acquisition and reducing uncertainties on well completion and field development. When production starts, being able to map differential depletion across the field becomes a complex task, as vertical and lateral reservoir heterogeneities and pressure support strategies might complicate the picture. Hence, complementing traditional pressure measurements with surface and downhole fluid analysis has become extremely important.

    Collecting information from hydrocarbon into drilling fluids is today a reliable way of early assess the type and distribution of reservoir bearing fluids, if hydrocarbons are extracted from drilling mud at constant and controllable thermodynamic conditions and once their concentration is calibrated for extraction efficiency. Advanced downhole fluid analysis technologies based on optical spectroscopy have been made available to be deployed while drilling, allowing to precisely characterize fluid composition in real time. The combination of the two technologies gives a continuous with depth fluid profile, which allows detecting potential compartmentalization, reveals presence of vertical or lateral heterogeneities that can explain differential depletion, and de-risks any additional reservoir fluid data acquisition. Additionally, this allows optimizing well placement, de-risks field development plans and finally maximizes the amount of reserves that can be accessed and recovered during the life of the field.



    Ilaria De Santo is based between Houston (USA) and Milan (IT), and she is a Reservoir Fluids Geodynamic Advisor and Surface Formation Evaluation & Reservoir Business Development Manager for Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements HQ. With 20+ years’ experience in the first service oil company in the world, she combines a strong engineering background with a deep knowledge of the worldwide energy market and a solid experience in operations, sales, marketing and product development. She joined Schlumberger in 1998 and has worked in different roles in Italy, France, Algeria, Nigeria, UK and USA. After an extensive experience in the Wireline Formation Testing business, she is now worldwide responsible for Surface Formation Evaluation and Reservoir Business in Schlumberger Drilling & Measurement HQ. In her role, she is in charge of short, medium and long-term planning and development of new technologies, as well as worldwide development of business involving technologies for the exploration and development of both conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources. Ilaria holds an MSc degree in Geology from University of Pavia (IT), an MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, UK), a Global Executive MBA at Bocconi School of Management (Milan, IT), a Music Degree in Piano and a Music Degree in Harpsichord. She has co-authored 32 technical papers for major professional societies and 5 patents. Additionally, she was awarded several Gold and CEO & Schlumberger President Awards, as well as an SPE Formation Evaluation Regional Award (North Sea).

  • A new cover for our Technical Bulletin

    The SPE Italian Section Technical Bulletin 4/2019 is now available. With our new cover!

    The main contents of this issue are:

    - The Eni's exploration model - A story of success made of competences, technology, creativity & processes. Interview with Luca Bertelli, Chief Exploration Officer Eni SpA;
    - Exploration excellence and the challenges of decarbonisation by Matteo Bacchini, SPE Italy Chairman;
    Fast tracking exploration projects by proprietary seismic imaging technology;
    - The culture of data management and their growing importance in the energy industry;
    - Unveiling Reservoir event sponsored by Eni in collaboration with SPE Italian Section.

  • SPE Distinguished Lecture - Drilling Decision Management in the Age of Drilling Automation

    Drilling Decision Management in the Age of Drilling Automation

    When:  Jan 20th, 2020 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (Italian Time), Sala Goliat - V Building Eni

    Associated with SPE Italian Section

    Drilling Decision Management in the Age of Drilling Automation

    by Distinguished Lecturer Richard Meehan, Schlumberger



    Drilling automation is coming. Most Drilling Control System vendors have early commercial drilling automation solutions, and many are working on new and improved systems.  Forward looking Operators and Drilling Contractors are evaluating these offerings, and many are actively pursuing field tests.  Some Operators are even developing their own in-house methods. These systems will help exploit the capabilities offered by modern AC-VFD rigs, but many challenges remain. Automated systems are good at executing instructions – the key to improving performance is to make sure the instructions are suitable for the task in hand, and that they can be easily modified and improved based on actual outcomes.  Effective drilling decision management requires a combination of data driven offset well analysis, understanding of the capabilities of automated execution, and the ability to make the link between cause and effect in drilling processes and procedures. Effective decisions also need to consider the contractual and business relationships between the players involved, and the equitable spreading of risk and reward will be key to future progress. Drilling Automation could be a remarkable enabler for our industry.  The one key idea to take away from this presentation is that by working together and "focusing on a system approach" we can take advantage of this developing technology to make sustainable improvments to well construction.



    Richard Meehan is the Drilling Automation Program Manager for Schlumberger, based in Katy, Texas. After graduating in 1985, with a Master of Science Degree in Thermal Power from the Cranfield Institute of Technology in the United Kingdom, Richard joined Schlumberger Cambridge Research where he worked as a Research Scientist. In 2000 he moved to Houston, to lead a team developing Drilling Engineering software applications for both internal Schlumberger and external commercial use.  Since then, Richard has held various drilling engineering related positions in Schlumberger in both the US and China, taking the lead role in Drilling Automation in 2013.

  • SPE/EAGE/ASSOMIN "Gustavo Sclocchi" Theses Award 2019

    The deadline for the submission of the abstracts for the 27th edition of the "Gustavo Sclocchi" Theses Award is now approaching.

    Anyone interested in the contest can access the award announcement and the application form at the following links:


    Application form

    Necessary information, details and contacts are included in the award announcement.
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