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  • BtT Registrations for the Bucharest event are now open!

    After the success of the first edition, we hereby invite you to the Second Edition of the Beyond The Borders program, which will have its second Event hosted by SPE Romanian Section in Bucharest from Thursday 19th to Saturday 21st September 2019, themed ‘Business Transformation for a Sustainable Future’. As usual, there will be interesting forums, conferences, business visits and cultural visits, all mixed with a lot of fun and opportunities to meet international peers and make new friends!

    Just click at the following google link: https://forms.gle/oiVZX3fcH6ss5EzC8

  • Election of the new Section Board 2019-2020

    Dear SPE member, 
    we are renewing the Section Board and below you find the link to view the detail of the proposed composition and to vote.
    There is time until July 18th at 5pm.


    Looking forward to see the results and to meet you at the New Board Kick Off on July 18th!

  • Beyond The Borders - II Edition - Registration to Paris event is now open!Register by May 10th

    Registration for the Paris event is now open!

    A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles!

    We want to shorten miles and increase SPE-friends all over the world and for this… we need you!!!

    After the success of the first edition, we hereby invite you to the Second Edition of the Beyond The Borders program, which will have its first Event hosted by SPE France Section in Paris from Thursday 6th to Saturday 8th June 2019, themed ‘Wellhead to downstream’. As usual, there will be interesting forums, conferences, business visits and cultural visits, all mixed with a lot of fun and opportunities to meet international peers and make new friends!

    Travel costs are self-funded by each participant, while accommodation (+breakfast) and at least one meal per day are in charge of local section. Two Young Professionals will be selected from the Italian Section to participate at the event depending mostly on their motivation: register (https://forms.gle/LnGRpAMW5dZhNBNp7) by the 10th of May to the event to be our ambassador at the Paris event!

    But that is not all we have got in our basket! As you might be aware of, SPE YP borders are broadening and, as of today, the Beyond The Borders program has seen the inclusion of many Sections from all around Europe: Bergen, Portugal, Vienna Basin and Germany, which add to the already existing cooperation between Italy, France and Romania.
  • Congratulations to the "Gustavo Sclocchi" Theses Awards Winners

    We are happy to announce the winners of the 2018 edition of the SPE EAGE- Assomineraria “Gustavo Sclocchi” Theses Award.

    Categories Master of Science & Philosophy Doctor:
    • Amadori Chiara “3D architecture and evolution of the Po Plain - Northern Adriatic Basin since the Messinian salinity crisis through Pliocene-Pleistocene time”
    • Chesi Claudio “Facies and depositional architecture of two transtensional continental basins: the Permian succession of the Orobic Basin and of the Norwegian Danish Basin”
    • Giuliani Marco “Computational intelligence: a hybrid technique for process modeling and production optimization of an oil field”

    Categories Bachelor of Science & 2nd Level Master:
    • Luciani Italo “Streamlines integration in Reservoir Management workflow to optimize water injection in a brown field”

    Special mentions:
    • Zhen Xing “Two-grid full-waveform surface-wave inversion by means of a genetic algorithm”
    • Reguzzi Simone “Lithostratigraphy and petrographic analysis of the Permian succession of the Orobic basin margins (Pizzo Dei Tre Signori - Barbellino Lake, Orobic Alps, North Italy)”
    • Russo Giorgio “Implementation of virtual metering models using real time data”
    • Lazzeri Giacomo “Experimental use of drone remote sensed data for quick mapping of wildfire burnt areas”

    The Award Ceremony will take place on March 21st in the Aula Magna of Politecnico di Milano, Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, and will be followed by the SPE Talent Dinner. Follow the link for more information.
  • Distinguished Lecturers 2019-2020 Results

    45 SPE members of the Italian Section participated to the 2019-2020 Distinguished Lecturers selection.

    The four most voted lectures have been:
    • A Performance-based Approach for Developing Upstream Professionals (Salam Salamy; Saudi Aramco); 12 preferences
    • Data Analytics with Human Intelligence: Outlier Analysis for Decoding Unconventional Plays (Ben Stephenson; Shell Canada); 10 preferences
    • Drilling Decision Management in the Age of Drilling Automation (Richard Meehan; Schlumberger); 10 preferences
    • How Resilient Are We? An Examination of the Vulnerabilities of Upstream and Downstream Infrastructure to Natural Disasters and its Mitigation Effort (Hitesh Mohan; INTEK Inc); 10 preferences

    The dates of the lectures will be organize based on the SPE Italian Section activity.
  • New Section Board 2018-2019 announcement

    ​Dear Members of the SPE Italian Section,

    The elections of the Board 2018 - 2019 are over!
    We received 88 votes. One is duplicated and one is affirmative but invalid (completely anonymous), so we have 86 valid votes. Among the valid votes, we have 84 YES and 2 NO.

    Consequently the proposed 2018 - 2019 Board is approved!

    The two NO did not leave any comments, so that we do not have clues about the reason. Whatever you don’t like or would like to improve is a welcome comment!
    During the year, we are going to ask your opinion more frequently, with the same method of the elections, and we hope you will not be shy.

    Two additional short comments.
    We have been asked to increase the number of events related to Drilling and Completion disciplines. This is something we were discussing since a few weeks before the elections, and we will try to do it soon in the definition of the 2018 - 2019 Program of events. If you have any specific suggestion, please let us know.
    Lastly, I would really like to thank the past Board directors and also thank the members who accepted to be part of the new Board. All of us are completely volunteer and such an engagement is an act of generosity that I will never cease to appreciate.

    I wish happy holidays to all of you!
    See you in September.


    Dr. Alberto Di Lullo 
    Society of Petroleum Engineers Italian Section – Chairman 


    Elected Board:
    Chairperson - Alberto Di Lullo (Eni)
    Past Chairperson - Alessandro Tiani (Eni)
    YP Chairperson - Luca Cadei (Eni)
    Mentor Chairperson - Giovanni Paccaloni

    Secretary - Gianna Giudicati (Eni)
    Membership Chairperson - Maurizio Senese
    Program Chairperson - Giulia De Donno (Eni)
    Treasurer - Edoardo Dellarole (TEA Sistemi)
    Section Funding - Ugo Ormezzano (Tetratec)
    Bulletin Editor - Gianna Giudicati (Eni)
    Communication Strategy - Stefano Maronese (Eni)
    Web and Social Media – Filippo Chinellato (Schlumberger )

    Technical Director - F&C - Giuseppe Gorla (EniProgetti)
    Technical Director - M&I - Giacomo Franchini (SupplHi)
    Technical Director – Reservoir - Andrea Rimoldi (Eni)
    Technical Director - HSE and Sustainability - Alessandro Sestagalli (ERM)
    Technical Director - D&C - Ettore Carcione (Geolog)
    Technical Director - P&O - Ferdinando Marfella  (Eni)
    Technical Director - Xover Technologies - Roberto Balistrieri (Mepeco)
    Technical Director - Energy Transition - Arrigo Vienna (Eni)

    Scholarship Chairperson - Alessandra Taverna (Eni)
    Thesis Award Scientific Director - Marco Brignoli (Eni)
    Liaison – Faculty - Andrea Tondelli (Eni)
    Liaison – Student Chapter - Dario Viberti (Politecnico Torino)
    Liaison – Other Sections - Massimo Famiglietti (Eni)
    Liaison – Gela Hub - Michele Margarone (Eni)
    Liaison – APVE and Digital Divide - Giovanni Cuomo (Eni)

    Director - Davide Scotti  (Saipem)
    Director - Antonella Godi (Edison)
    Director - Eleonora Azzarone (Eni)