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  • Gaia Talk (Regional, Europe) – Sustainable Solutions from the Oil & Gas Industry

    From Waste to Value. How we can have a positive view on a negative issue? Gas re-use to feed a circular virtuous value chain where gas-to-liquid offers opportunities out of the current threat for the environment in the form of methane emissions. Technology is mature and available. It is important to explain and work on the awareness of the potential offered by gas stimulating a new way of critical thinking regarding its repurposing.
    Elisabetta Purlalli (Head of LNG Equity Valuation at Eni) will provide insights and experience on how to transform a threat into value having in mind the common goals of reducing carbon emissions down to zero while improving access to energy to local communities for local growth and monetizing of – otherwise wasted – resources.

    Both the EU und the US have announced to introduce or amend policy targeting methane emissions in the oil and gas industry. Recently, the topic has attracted global attention in the face of COP26 starting later this month. Stakeholder expectations are high, but concrete actions and timelines for implementation remain uncertain. Several regulatory and voluntary reporting mechanisms and best practice guidelines exist to assess methane emissions of oil and gas operations. Do they create the right incentives to reduce emissions? What role does rapidly evolving technology for detection and quantification of methane emissions play? As it stands, there is no universally accepted way to estimate and compare methane emissions in the oil and gas industry on a global level. This, in turn, means that it is not currently possible to differentiate one producer from another based on their methane emissions performance. Gas buyers rarely have any credible assessment of the methane emissions performance of a batch of gas they are buying, and regulators have no credible way to assess and compare the methane performance of their natural gas portfolio being imported into their jurisdiction. Working together with the energy and environment sector, MiQ has developed a universally applicable system to credibly certify and differentiate natural gas based on its methane emissions performance. Market-based solutions, such as certification, have played a pivotal role in driving action on climate change and other environmental issues. Marco van Veen (Associate at MiQ) and Georges Tijbosch (Senior Adviser, MiQ) will explain how this approach uses market signalling to drive change outside of regulation, encouraging businesses – and individuals – to make decisions that are both in their own interests and society at large.

    Speaker details:

    Elisabetta Purlalli (Eni)
    After some years as a consultant, Elisabetta spent her career in Energy since 1999 covering different challenging positions mainly on gas, as Head of Negotiation for Long Term Gas Supply, Head of LNG Sales and SVP for Global LNG Business Development & LNG Origination worldwide. In 2018, leveraging on her transversal experience she was appointed SVP Digital, in charge of setting up from scratch the Digital Competence Center and Heading Eni Change Management for Digital Transformation worldwide. Since January this year she returning to LNG Business as Head of LNG Equity Valuation to grant a full value integration along the energy value chain. Elisabetta is strongly convinced that the Energy sector is a “never normal sector” with so many challenges that a flexible, changing attitude based on a people-centric approach is a must and that working on Awareness and Culture of people is key to progress consciously turning difficulties into opportunities.

    Marco van Veen (MiQ)
    Marco is an Associate at MiQ, a not-for-profit organization to drive methane emission reduction in the natural gas industry by creating a market-based solution for methane-certified and differentiated gas. Prior to joining MiQ, Marco was at the European Commission, working on security of supply and establishing a strategy to curb methane emissions as part of the Green Deal. Marco has experience in the evaluation of exploration performance within the oil and gas industry at Wintershall DEA. His interest is in the analysis of data uncertainty and its implications for decision making. He holds an M.Sc. degree in Georesources Management from RWTH Aachen University and spent a year abroad in Stavanger, Norway.

    Georges Tijbosch (MiQ)
    Georges Tijbosch is a Senior Adviser at MiQ. He is the former director of origination at Centrica, where he managed the team responsible for Centrica’s large gas and power transactions. Before that, Georges was a director for 10 years at London investment bank commodity trading desks. Positions included director of energy sales at Goldman Sachs, head of EMEA energy marketing at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and head of EMEA Commodity Finance at JP Morgan.

    Moderators (SPE Gaia Team Europe):
    Maria Giulia De Donno (SPE Italian Section),
    Joschka Röth (SPE German Section, SPE Gaia Regional Liaison Europe).

  • SPE Europe Energy GEOHackathon

    SPE Italian Section, SPE London, SPE Netherlands and SPE Romanian Section have joined forces to organize the SPE Europe Energy GEOHackathon aimed at educating and disseminating knowledge to all the participants on how Data Science applications can support Geothermal Energy Developments and drive the Energy Transition.


    4 WEEKS BOOTCAMPS (October - November 2021): multiple sessions meant to educate and teach participants on data science skills and their application in the real world, solving real challenges.

    4 WEEKS HACKATHON (November - December 2021): Subsurface and surface facilities aspects of a geothermal site will be covered in this Hackathon. The participants will get access to the subsurface data, a high-fidelity reservoir simulator model (to generate a realistic reservoir response), surface facilities data and an economical assessment calculator. You will couple the subsurface model with the surface facilities and distribution network and analyze the energy and economic performance of the combined design plan.


    • An interesting geothermal industry dataset to further your insight in reservoir settings
    • A datathon to work together in group and test your knowledge on using data science skills - Data science bootcamps to elevate your skillset in data analytics and application
    • Opportunities to expand your geoscience knowledge and share experience with industry peers
    • Be part of the energy transition and help build a stronger energy future

    Check out the teaser at this YouTube link.

    And learn more and register here

    Follow the event’s LinkedIn page!

    Join, learn and innovate!

  • First Energy Hackathon OMC 2030

    FirstEnergy Hackathon OMC 2030 – OMC MedEnergy Conference, SPE ItalianSection, Accenture. Ravenna, under OMC 2021 Roof, Wednesday September, 29th.
    Teams will be invited to conceptualize and focus their attention on goal 7”Affordable and Clean Energy”of the UN SDGs.
    To be part of the future of Energy participate to the Hackathon is free but subject to registration. There are no specific requirements unless age which must be between 20 and 30. Students and Young Professionals run to apply: registration deadline is on September, 10th!

  • Section Excellence Award 2021

    We are excited to announce the Italian Section has been awarded the Section Excellence Award for 2021. The award is in recognition of section’s hard work and strong programs in industry engagement, operations and planning, community involvement, professional development, and innovation.
  • SPE Italian Section Technical Bulletin 2/2021

    Dear SPE Members,

    the new SPE Italian Section #Technical #Bulletin 2/2021 is now available.

    Here the link:

    The issue is dedicated to #Climbing #The #Decarbonization #Path, #Upskilling, #Reskilling #and #Flexibility. The main contents are:
    -“Developing Professionals”: an interview with Massimiliano Branchi, Former Senior Vice President HR Development, Eni S.p.A., Actual Head of Competitiveness Program at Saipem
    -“Flexibility in Project Management” by DG Impianti
    -“Commitment for Sustainable Development” by Giovanni Arzilli, CEO Proeco Srl
    -“A tribute to Giovanni Paccaloni, the soft skills column-8”
    SPE Italian Section has decided to promote this special service only to its members through e-mail list and only in a closed Linkedln group.
    In order not to miss any of our services, we warmly invite you to join as a Professional or Student member.

    Join US!
    Join SPE Italian Section!

    Discover all the other interesting articles reading the SPE Technical Bulletin!

    Enjoy, share, and remember: #WeAreSPE #SpeItaly

  • SPE Italy together with OMC Med Energy Conference

    Dear SPE Members,

    We are glad to inform you that our Association has signed a memorandum of understanding with #OMC-#Med #Energy #Conference, which has grown into the leading event in the Mediterranean region for energy insights with particular emphasis on the upstream sector, in over 25 years. In particular, the collaboration is intended to implement several specific activities.
    Read all the details:
    Paolo Carnevale, Chairman of SPE Italian Section, recalls that the SPE Italian Section, which was founded in the 1980s and has evolved together with the hydrocarbons sector of Italian industry, has also adopted the objective of #promoting #the #knowledge #and #development #of #low-#carbon #energy #sources so as to enable a #gradual #energy #transition, attracting new #students and #young #professionals:
    "In addition to classic O&G topics, we have launched a series of events dealing with the #decarbonisation #pathway of the industry and #technological #innovation, in line with SPE International's global vision, which are the key factors for achieving the net-zero target by 2050. We believe that our collaboration with the Conference will reinforce these messages by broadening outreach to professionals and young people, thus creating #new #opportunities for them.”
    Enjoy, share, and remember: #WeAreSPE #SPE #SpeItaly 

  • 28th Gustavo Sclocchi Theses Award

    Join us during the Live Streaming Award Ceremony for #Gustavo #Sclocchi #Award on our SPE Italian Section YouTube channel on June 23rd from 16:00 Italy time (CEST).
    This Award is dedicated to the best theses regarding the energy industry, for the first time this year included renewable energy, alternative feedstocks for green refinery and energy economy and management.
    This year 70 professionals and researchers applied for the 28th Gustavo Sclocchi Theses Award from all around Europe. This is for us an impressive achievement!
    Please apply to Live Streaming on the following link: urly.it/3dhbh

    Enjoy, share, and remember: #WeAreSPE #SPE #SpeItaly
    Assorisorse EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers)
  • Physics Embedded Machine Learning for Modeling and Optimization of Oil and Gas Assets


    Data Physics is the amalgamation of the state-of-the-art in machine learning and the same underlying physics present in reservoir simulators. These models can be created as efficiently as machine learning models, integrate all kinds of data, and can be evaluated orders of magnitude faster than full scale simulation models, and since they include similar underlying physics as simulators, they have good long term predictive capacity. We present applications of Data Physics models to a complex waterflood field in Argentina, wherein, the injectant is redistributed to maximize/minimize multiple objectives. A significant increase in actual incremental oil production and reduction in operational cost is demonstrated. Additonal applications to infill drilling optimization and subsurface back allocation are also discussed.

    BIO OF THE SPEAKER: Dr. Pallav Sarma is Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Tachyus responsible for the modeling and optimization technologies underlying the Tachyus platform. He is a renowned expert in closed-loop reservoir management, with multiple patents and papers on various topics including simulation, optimization, data assimilation and machine learning. He has over 12 years of experience working for Chevron and Schlumberger prior to Tachyus. He holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engg. and a Ph.D. Minor in Operations Research from Stanford University and a B.Tech from Indian School of Mines.
  • Using Scenario Planning for Decision Making in the Energy Industry

    SPE Italian Section and SPE Vienna Basin Section are glad to invite you to the forthcoming #SPEDistinguishedLecturer event "Using Scenario Planning for Decision Making in the Energy Industry" by Henk Krijnen (Managing Partner at NavIncerta).

    This event is organized by SPE Italian Section & SPE Vienna Basin Section.

    The webinar will be Live on SPE Italian Section Youtube Channel on the 18th February, 2021 - 5:30pm (GMT+1)

    Please register to the event: https://lnkd.in/e_iYHt6

    #WeAreSPE #spe #speitaliansection #societyofpetroleumengineers #energy #oilandgas #business #industry #career #planning #decsionmaking

  • "Gustavo Sclocchi" 28th Theses Awards 2020

    The “Gustavo Sclocchi” Award 28th edition is dedicated to the best theses regarding the energy industry, included renewable energy, alternative feedstocks for green refinery and energy economy and management.
    The prize wants to encourage and reward young professionals at the beginning of their career in the industry. This contest is a joint initiative of SPE Italian Section, EAGE and Assorisorse, the Italian Association for Natural Resources and Sustainable Energy.
    The awards started in 1993 and since 2001 they have been associated with the name of Gustavo Sclocchi, the Eni manager, who was the main promoter of the event.

    Due to the current COVID-19 medical emergency, the Award ceremony will take place in June 2021 for University graduates who have completed their studies in the period October 1st 2019 to December 31st 2020. Participation instructions are detailed in the attached documents.

    We remind you the main deadlines:
    • Contact Information and Abstract - strict deadline February  28th , 2021
    • Complete electronic copy of the thesis - strict deadline March 31st, 2021
    • Graduation Certificate - deadline before the Award Ceremony in June, 2021