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WEBINAR: Human Factors in accident investigations May 18, 8:00am CST ( 2:00PM UK)

By Waleska Ramos-Caraballo posted 04-18-2021 12:52 PM


Would you like to know more about what are human factors and how to look for these in accident investigations – or even in your day-to-day work?

Diane Chadwick-Jones and Simon Robinson will be leading a webinar about Human Factors in Accident Investigations.  By using a compelling practical case study to find the factors which influence peoples' actions at work, for example, the design of plant, procedures and resourcing. You'll need no prior knowledge and the objective is to build skills in asking the most powerful questions to understand workplace issues that drive behavior.

There will be a question and answer session following the presentation. We hope you will join us.


Tittle: Human Factors in accident investigations

Date: May 18, 2021

Time: 8am CST, 2Pm UK time

Registration link:



Diane Chadwick-Jones

Bio: Diane Chadwick-Jones is the former Director, Human Performance for BP.  She is a graduate of Imperial College, London and had an extensive career in BP, spanning many businesses and functions including Refining, Exploration&Production and Chemicals, working in Belgium, Brazil and Egypt in operations and safety roles.  

In her positions related to Safety Culture and Human Performance, she was instrumental in the refresh of the BP Values, and delivering cultural change and safety improvement including operationalizing a "systems thinking" approach by improving the way work is set up to reduce the possibility of mistakes and make work more effective.

Diane focuses on education, mentoring and advocacy, including contributing to influential podcasts about modernizing the approach to safety and improving racial diversity in business,


Simon Robinson

Bio: Simon is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and Psychology graduate with deep experience in supporting safe and effective front-line operations at BP, in oil and gas production, refining, drilling, operations and maritime transportation.  He spearheaded the company-wide implementation of BP's Human Performance strategy, ushering in a vital new perspective on managing process safety in operations. 

He has a unique talent for explaining complex issues simply,  described as 'the only person who can explain human factors so that real people can understand them'. His expertise spans safety leadership, culture, incident investigation, risk management and systematic learning in major hazard industries.

Simon has helped hundreds of companies through his longstanding support of prestigious industry bodies.  He chaired the Human Factor committees for both the International Oil and Gas Producers Association (IOGP) and the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and has contributed to working groups for Oil and Gas UK, Step Change in Safety, and the International Maritime Organization. 

He has written and edited well-received industry publications, training and videos on human performance, human factors, safety leadership and learning before and after incidents – including IOGP 621 Demystifying Human Factors: Building confidence in human factors investigation.