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SPE HSE & Sustainability Africa Workshop: May 23-25 2021

By Johana Dunlop posted 03-17-2021 10:59 AM


Just In Time! An Africa-focused Workshop for HSE Professionals in Oil & Gas.

Olayide M. Babayemi

Olayide M. Babayemi

Content Developer & Writer.; Senior Events Professional - Membership Events
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At the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), we look forward to hosting the virtual workshop on “Emerging Fronts—HSE Management and Sustainability of Petroleum Operations in Africa.” The committee and I have been working hard to make this workshop a must-attend event for HSE professionals.

As petroleum operations in Africa continue to develop, HSE Management and practices have evolved, and with the impact of Covid-19 and other region-specific challenges, this workshop aims to facilitate discussions on how Oil and Gas organisations in Africa have successfully responded to these challenges, and highlight areas for improvement, by sharing experiences. With delegates in mind, the workshop has been designed to maximise networking opportunities, to engage in idea-generating deliberations and to learn other forms of best practices and principles.

This workshop will be the first Africa-focused event hosted by SPE since our HSE conference in 2016, which took place in Accra, Ghana. We had hoped to return to Accra to host this workshop, however, due to current conditions, this workshop will now be held virtually—allowing for more people to join, and the chance for more robust conversations around HSE Management.

Topics that will be covered at the workshop include:

  • The use of big data as a predictive tool to prevent incidents
  • Most effective ways to increase competency in the industry
  • Sustainability solutions
  • Case study analysis of past incidents
  • The role regulators play in HSE

…and more

We really encourage HSE engineers, managers and professionals to register for this timely workshop as it will be an invaluable and engaging knowledge-sharing experience.

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