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safety culture

By Andrew Dingee posted 05-07-2013 03:27 PM


Has anybody worked with a company that measures their safety culture on board a MODU/Semi Submersible or Jack up? If so, how did they do it and were they effecitve at meauring the right climate on board?




05-29-2014 10:14 AM

Depends what you mean - safety culture for OSHA type requirements - most people these days are clued into that. There is work to be done on process safety (the big stuff). It may need to be a separete reporting mechanism to the typical HSE functions.
No matter how suitable the pathways are lighting an aircraft, and how good the oxygen deployment functons are - it wont help much if the big stuff is not paid attention to. Big accidents have a different mechanism.
So one of the issues on rigs is that you have a complex working environmnet - with very silo'd knowledge. The discipline leads offshore may not know the philosophy behind what the safety devices are and how important they are - they are not taught about previous accidents so that they can have the "experience" of not knowing how the job can go wrong and become uncertain about whether to stop the job since you have very limited knowledge of what's going on at the present. This requires communication and there are big gaps. Perhaps one issue is that we should teach "Group-Think" and a bit of social psychology to the workers on rigs - one charasmatic person can influence a lot of people to do the wrong thing.
Good example of OJT that is applauded as the way people learn things - consider the Ocean Ranger 84 died, where OJT told them the wrong thing to do and they opened the valves when they thought they were closing them and sank the rig.
A culture for process safety can change but it takes leadership to change be able to feed anecdotal experiences to people working on rigs on a regular basis. so far as i am aware, little of that happens.

06-04-2013 07:30 AM

Following the discussion about measure safety climate or culture, can I just add a link for anyone interested to the Safety Climate Tool which was launched by the Health and Safety Laboratory (part of the UK Health & Safety Executive). This is an online questionnaire that measures employee attitudes to health and safety issues. In addition, it generates hints and tips to improve the organisation's safety culture based upon the data collected. The website is available at:
or /
I hope this might be helpful to any interested parties.

05-12-2013 09:58 AM

Fellow SPE’ers,
Yes ! Over 30 years ago in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia me as combination Loss prevention alternate responsibility undertaker I was very focused and promoted such culture with focus and sincerity!
I hope this is helpful.
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