Geothermal Technical Section

The Geothermal Technical Section is for members with a common interest in geothermal energy and its potential to transform generation of electric power and direct heating and cooling across the globe.   

Geothermal energy is the only “green” energy source that has the potential to provide grid baseload power at scale.  It is in many ways, the closest energy source in terms of required skills to the upstream oil and gas industry.  

Geothermal and the oil and gas industry have been learning from each other for decades and are currently well placed to transfer technology and practices that can accelerate the drilling and completion of geothermal wells, reduce costs and revolutionize reservoir monitoring practices.  

 This Technical Section seeks to:

  • Collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge concerning geothermal energy, and demonstrate its proximity to more traditional oil and gas disciplines.
  • Introduce opportunities to grow careers and businesses by knowledge and skills transfer.
  • Establish collaboration across industry and promote industry best practices

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