Links to separation related topics

1) WEBINAR - Scrubber Design for Gas-Liquid Separation (Presented by Jim Riesenberg, Chevron ETC):


 2) WEBINAR - Scrubbers: Advances in High Capacity Internals and Performance Booting with Inline Pre-Separation (Presented by Danny Thierens, Sulzer Chemtech):


3) WEBINAR - Droplet size distribution (Presented by Gene Kouba, Chevron ETC):


4) WEBINAR - Challenges of Upstream Operations to General Separator Design (Presented by Mike Power, BP):


5) WEBINAR - Flow Conditioning Impact on Separations (Presented by Cris Heijckers, Kranji Solutions):


6) WEBINAR - Foaming in Separators (Presented by Wally Georgie, Maxoil Solutions):


7) WEBINAR - Troubleshooting Separation Challenges Using Online Diagnostics (Presented by Andrew Shaw, Tracerco):


8) WEBINAR - Level Control Detection Selection (Presented by Roar Fjosne, FMC Technologies):


9) WEBINAR - Defoaming Additives in Horizontal Multiphase Flow – Impact on Flow Regime and Separations (Presented by Omar Matar, Imperial College London):

10) WEBINAR - 3-Phase Separation: Identifying and Addressing Issues Before They Happen (Presented by Luis Caires, Cameron Process Systems)

 11) WEBINAR - Underperforming gas scrubbers: How to fix them and how to avoid them (presented by Elisabeth G. Morillo, TechnipFMC)