A Cool Way to Store Carbon Dioxide via Clathrate Hydrates

When:  Aug 21, 2023 from 07:30 AM to 09:00 AM (CT)

Climate change is known to be dominantly caused by the increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2). Over the years, the clathrate hydrate process has demonstrated promising potential for innovative applications, such as natural gas storage, carbon dioxide capture and storage, seawater desalination, and cold energy storage. CO2 hydrate, a solid compound consisting of molecular CO2 encased in crystalline lattices formed by water molecules, is an attractive option for long-term CO2 sequestration.

Methane (CH4) hydrates in oceanic sediments have remained stable for millions of years, serving as a natural analog. Thus, the question arises: can we store CO2 in the form of hydrates in oceanic sediments indefinitely? In this presentation, the state-of-the-art on clathrate hydrate technology pertaining to carbon dioxide storage will be discussed in detail. Compact CO2 storage capacity, high stability, and the use of water as a solvent are key advantages of the hydrate-based CO2 storage system. Additionally, future research and development opportunities, as well as pathways for commercialization, will be explored.

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