CSRC Communications

CO2 Storage Resources Committee Communications – 2Q 2024

The CO2 Storage Resources Committee (CSRC) has the responsibility of developing and maintaining the Storage Resources Management System (SRMS) and SRMS Guidelines. This includes promoting the use of SRMS, developing SRMS training materials, and the dissemination of SRMS-related information.

The following are some of the CSRC's activities in 2Q 2024:

  • A draft of 2024 SRMS was reviewed with 1) sponsoring societies, 2) SPE CCUS TS, and 3) interested entities. The SRMS Update subcommittee (SC) has had multiple meetings to resolve the comments. After comment resolution, a revised draft will be sent to the CSRC executive committee, and then to the SPE Editorial Board.

  • The Communications SC has several activities in progress
    • The draft content of SRMS for PetroWiki is currently being reviewed by the SC.
    • The SC has initiated contacts with several organizations that are not sponsoring SRMS development, but which might be interested in its content. Some of those are now receiving CSRC communications and the others will start receiving soon.
    • The SC is collecting ideas and opportunities to promote SRMS training at upcoming meetings where CSRC might propose SRMS sessions and/or CSRC members might submit abstracts/conference papers.
    • In-person SRMS training have been requested in August by SPE and in Fall by DOE, with more details to be made available later.
    • SPE Energy Stream provided an overview of how it could support CSRC in creating online SRMS training to reach out to a larger audience.
    • CSRC is currently accepting invitations for SRMS training at SPE and non-SPE meetings and conferences.

  • The Membership and Governance SC is soliciting interest in having a CSRC face-to-face meeting at the SPE ATCE 2024 in New Orleans.

  • The SRMS Training SC has been addressing internal reviewers’ comments on training materials and preparing 1-page descriptions of the examples used in various chapters. Two in-person SRMS training courses have been requested, and a discussion on online SPE training has been initiated. The Training SC is soliciting instructors for both in-person and online training courses.

SRMS Literature

The 2017 SRMS and separate errata are available for download at:

The SRMS Guidelines are posted for sale on the SPE webstore-in the link below:
Carbon Dioxide Storage Resource Management System (SRMS) Guidelines eBook (with Updated SRMS) (spe.org)

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