Student Technical Conference (STC)

What is the STC?

The „Student Technical Conference“ is a 2-day technical conference organized primarily for students who are welcome to present their research. It is connected with a mini job-fair catering to petroleum engineering and related geoscience students.

Thus is offers a unique networking opportunity both for students and industry representatives. The STC has grown year by year and about 100 participants in 2016.

Why should you attend?

As a student:

  • To learn about upstream research done elsewhere.
  • To network with other students.
  • To learn about jobopportunities.

As an industry-representative:

  • To meet Petroleum and Geoscience students close to graduation
  • To find out about the topics researched in academia

You need detailed Information?

View the attached introduction for students document for the STC 2017.



Student, YP or professionals: Do you wish to be part of the STC 2017? Please fill out the Online Application Form!
Participation upon confirmation only. We will send a separate confirmation Email!

Please read through the STC 2017 conference details Document and find hyperlinked informations on the individual events in the table listed below!

Mining Museum Tour, Geological Excursion, Geothermics Workshop, Soccer-Tournament (Canceled due to low number of participants), Alumni Dinner and Pre-Party available. Click on these individual events to get more information!


Wednesday, 8th November 2017
STC Day 1
Thursday, 9th November 2017
STC Day 2
Friday, 10th November 2017
08:00 08:00
Registration & Coffee Coffee
Section & Chapter update
09:00 09:00
Welcoming lecture
Florian Jäger: Analytical and Numerical Modeling of Mud Motor Induced Loads
Sarko Hakim: History match and prediction: A reservoir simulation sensitivity based study of Rotterdam oil field
10:00 Mahmoud Elshaer: Comparison Between Weight & Wait And Driller’s Methods For Well Control And Handling of Gas Kick in Vertical Well DCE 2-17 Western Desert, Egypt Ivan Kurchatov: Comparative analysis of the development concepts of the “A” field located in the East Siberian Sea 10:00
Daniela Marum: Characterization and Optimization of the Gas Extraction Process in a New Mud Logging System Coffee Break Job Fair
11:00 Early-Bird Registration & Meeting for Pre-Program @ Aula Coffee Break Job Fair Christin Dieterichs: A Novel Approach for Chemical
 Enhanced Oil Recovery
Gustav Ngemasong Chafac: Insights intoUnderground Blowout Control and Prevention: Pushing the Limits of Well Control Sergey Chebotar: Investigation of the helical slit seal of a hybrid rotary pump in relation to complicated operating conditions
Geological Excursion
12:00 Olha Sukhoboka: Effect of the Borehole Temperature and Pressure on the Drilling Fluid Properties in Hot Environments Lunch 12:00
Geothermics Workshop Group Picture Job Fair
13:00 Daniel Bücken: Effect of mechanical stratigraphy on normal fault evolution - Insights from analogue models and natural examples in Iceland 13:00
Keynote by
2018 SPE President
Darcy Spady
Kristina Krasnonosov and Kai Thissen: New approach to link depletion and induced seismicity in Lower Saxony gas fields
14:00 Guided Tour of Mining Museum Tom Kaltofen: Modeling vs measured geological history: vitrinite reflectance as an indicator for geological events in the Central European Basin System 14:00
Technical Poster Session Job Fair Honoring of Contributors
15:00 Coffee 15:00
16:00 Illia Fyk: Increase of reservoir pressure in gas condensate fields as a method of increasing the efficiency of their development
Fernando von Lücken: Calculation of Capillary Pressure Changes in MEOR Spontaneous Imbibition Experiments
17:00 Early-Bird Registration @ Aula Young Professionals Panel Discussion:

Lessons Learned Entering the Workforce
18:00 Clausthal Mining Alumni Dinner @ Restaurant Glück Auf


Chapter officers' roundtable

Coffee Break
Color Coding:
19:00 Group Dinner @ Aula Pre-Program
Student Lecture:
Drilling Topic

Student Lecture:
Reservoir Topic
Student Lecture:
Production Topic
21:00 Pre-STC Party @ Keller Club Student Lecture:
Geoscience Topic
Keynote, Admin, Poster Session,
YP Panel
22:00 Meals & Breaks

You find more information about the STC written in a Nutshell and in the Flyer