STC 2018

Abstracts submission

We are now accepting abstracts for the STC 2018!

To apply from Freiberg, Clausthal, Aachen, or Karlsruhe please get in touch with your student chapter faculty advisor.

Submit your abstract here until June 17th, 2018.

You need to read our explanations and rules in order to submit an abstract.

Date and Location

8th – 9th of November (Pre-Program 7th of November)

Zur “Alten Mensa”, Petersstraße 5, 09599 Freiberg


Abstract Rules

To apply, you have to be a student of Petroleum Engineering, a Geoscience or related technical discipline with a hydrocarbon or geothermal focus, who is currently enrolled at a university (Bachelor, Master, PhD, Dipl.-Ing.). By applying, you confirm that the content of the abstract and of the presentation is open for publication and e.g. not subject to confidentiality agreements with a sponsoring company. You also confirm that you consent to publication of any photographs that may be taken of you during the STC and of this abstract.
The abstract has to be max. 2500 characters long in order to fit on a single page. You may want to get advice on or on how to structure it (the link also describes how to write full papers, which is not required for the STC). The presentation topic must cover your own line of work. Brand names are not to be used. It must be in the same language as the title and the final presentation. Preferred language is English, but presentations and abstracts in German will also be considered.
You will receive notice whether or not you are being accepted by email. After you confirmed the acceptance email, you have to submit your poster/presentation to GSSPE prior to the conference. In case you withdraw your application afterwards, GSSPE is entitled to exclude you from this year’s or future STCs or other GSSPE events.

Further Questions?

First, refer to our explanations and rules document.

In case your question is not answered, please contact Ms Ulrike Peikert. Ulrike[.]Peikert[at]bhge[.]com