2023 E&P Awards Program

Welcome to SPE Thailand 2023 E&P Annual Awards Program.

This program recognizes projects and achievements making significant contributions to the E&P industry in Thailand. As of today, the submission of Projects is open and we are pleased to share with you the information below related to the submission. 


Submission Format: 3 Pages (A4) Write-up

Page 1: Innovation features

Page 2: Impact on Thailand E&P industry

Page 3: Essay: why this project should win the award?


Submission Rules

  1. Program opens to all companies in the E&P business in Thailand
  2. Project to be submitted for consideration based on Innovation and Thailand corporate impact.
  3. Projects must be initiated within the last 24 months; November 2021 to October 2023.
  4. All Project Team members must have the valid SPE membership in 2021. One project Team leader shall submit the application, represent the project. 
  5. The Best Project, HSE and Digital Transformation Honorable Award Winners will be announced at SPE Thailand E&P Award Ceremony.

Program Time Table

TBA:  Opening Date for Submissions

TBA:    Closing Date for Submissions

April or May 2024:  E&P Awards Announcement

For Submission or Inquiry, please send your email to thailandsection@spemail.org  


We are looking forward to your submission!


Sincerely yours,

SPE Thailand E&P Awards 2021 Program Chair

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