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Welcome to the SPE Sustainable Development Technical Section (SDTS) microsite, serving a fast evolving community of SPE Members from all 8 disciplines committed to oil and gas and committed to the planet and convinced oil and gas is the linchpin integrating the future diverse and clean energy system enabling humanity to continue to thrive but inside planetary boundaries.   

The SDTS hosts the SPE Gaia Program and its leadership is responsible for its scaling and oversight in support of the programming developed by the SPE global ecosystem of Sections, Chapters, Standing Committees and other Technical Sections as well as Events and Publications. 

Gaia Talks and the annual Gaia summit are the key programming channels. 
Look to SPE Energy Stream for many of our Gaia Talks and for the last Gaia Summit download the event journal 
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Please join with us to keep building out this exciting endeavour for SPE members by adding SDTS to your Member Profile and by reaching out to us directly through the SDTS communications channels.
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