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The SDTS hosts the SPE Gaia Program and its leadership is responsible for its scaling and oversight in support of the SPE global ecosystem of Sections, Chapters, Standing Committees and other Technical Sections as well as Events and Publications. 

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2022 Events:

SPE Live Distinguished Lecturer Series: The Role of CCS and Hydrogen in the Energy Transition

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 | 08:00:AM - 08:30:AM C

    Contrary to popular belief, the ongoing energy transition from a high- to low-carbon economy requires more than harnessing renewable energies. Currently, only 11% of global energy consumption comes from renewable energy while 85% come from fossil fuels. The current pace of installing renewable power plants is inadequate for nations to achieve net-zero by the second half of the century. Achieving net-zero will require each country to decarbonize all three major energy consumptions sectors: power, transport, and industry.

    There are essentially five ways to achieve this. They are renewable energy, carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen, nuclear energy and reducing energy demand. How each country will utilize these ways to go through the energy transition will depend on its specific energy mix and the need to balance energy security, affordability, and sustainability.

    During this SPE Live, the SPE distinguished lecturer, Hon Chung Lau, shows how CCS and hydrogen are key to achieving net-zero in all three energy consumption sectors.

    Mon, Nov 14, 4:00 PM CEST

    SPE Live: Gaia Talk - Natural Capital & Regeneration Series:    Life Cycle Assessments
    Moderated by Flora Moon.
    Guests: Hong Jin and Rebe Feraldi

    What is life cycle assessment? The systematic analysis of potential environmental (& human) impacts of products or services during their entire life -- Two data scientists, one who works within the O&G industry and the other who works at the policy and national economics level provide a crash introduction to LCA and insights into why it is useful in integrating sustainability into our operations.

    Live Wed, Nov. 2nd · 9:00 AM US CDT - 
    SPE Live: Gaia Talk - A Conversation about Climate Matters towards COP27.

    Moderated by: Sue Staley, SPE HSE & Sustainability Technical Director
    Speakers: Ewan McKenzie, Ipieca & Arthur Lee
    , Chevron

    Abstract: The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference will take place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. This will be the 27th annual United Nations meeting on climate, also known as COP27 - Conference of the Parties 27.
    Join us for this SPE Live with the Ipieca Climate Director and one long-time observer of the global climate change negotiations towards COP27.
    In this conversation, we learn about what they expect from COP27 Egypt, the key issues to be negotiated and their perspectives on what could be accomplished there.

    Watch it online via LinkedIn :https://lnkd.in/gH4byGF3
    or on SPE Energy Stream here: SPE Live: Gaia Talk - A Conversation about Climate Matters Towards COP27

    May 4th:   SPE Live Gaia Talk - Energy System Transformation 

    Join Léon Beugelsdijk hosting Concetto Fischetti, Director, IOGP Energy Transition Directorate …all you wanted to know and never dared to ask about CCTS (yes that’s a T, for Transportation, not a typo); electrification; energy efficiency; venting and flaring and how so many industry companies are collaborating, enabled by IOGP and SPE, to create a level playing field needed to accelerate and scale the energy transition. 

    April 19th - 12:00 13:00 BST - SPE Aberdeen Section - Virtual Gaia Talk -
    The Application of Miniaturised Methane Sensors and Drone Technology for Accurate Identification and Quantification of Emissions. Peter Evans, bp hosted by Alex Crossland and John Butler. 

    April 13 -    SPE Europe Gaia Talk - Targets and Constraints of CCS
    Dr. Joschka Röth and Nihal Mounir, Gaia leaders, hosting the esteemed Ruth Gebremedhin, Rouha Hussaina  and Flowra Zhang.

    April 12th  - SPE London Section - Gaia Talk - Social Licence to Operate

    Mark your diaries April 12th for the next London Section Gaia Talk this time addressing the oil and gas industry's Social License to Operate discussed by a highly knowledgeable and experienced panel - Evelyn MacLean-Quick, IOGP Workforce Energy Task Force Director; Valentina Kretzschmar, Capricorn [formerly Cairn Energy] EVP Energy Transition and Sophie Depraz, IPIECA Programme & Communications Director.

    March 22nd - Methane Management Webinar Series 
    A collaboration between the SPE Gaia program, Production and Facilities, Completions, and others, the Methane Emissions Measurement, Reporting and Abatement [MEMRA] Discussion Group that plans to soon become a full Technical Section is hosting a webinar on 3rd Party Resources and Best Practices to help members accelerate their Methane Abatement journey.

    Gaia & SDTS Chair Josh Etkind will host Rebecca Middleton, Executive Secretary of Methane Guiding Principles; Georges Tijbosch, CEO of MiQ, the Methane certifier and Amaia O Reilly of the Energy Institute discussing why methane is of concern, methane guiding principles initiative, best practice guides and methane management tools

    March 10th - PFC Methane Emissions Serie
    s -
    North American Regulators Perspectives on Emissions Management
    In this webinar, Robyn Wille (Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment) and Adrienne Sandoval (New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department) talk about their jurisdiction and their relationship with other state and federal agencies. They cover the status of current and pending state regulations at their agency related to O&G methane, as well as primary drivers of climate action and how both agencies have responded, in specific to oil and gas methane emissions, and potential connections to other issues.

    February 9th 4 pm CEST 9 am CST Methane Emissions Management for Operations

    Josh Etkind will host Methane Discussion Group Chair David Shackleton and PFC Technical Director on the SPE International Board Bob Pearson.    
    Recent JPT Article Methane Global Pledge: Who ya gonna call?  is a useful pre-read
    February 2nd   Gaia Talk – The Power of the Story

    This SPE Live builds on the last Natural Capital & Generation Gaia Talk: Indigenous Wisdom. 

    In this session, we learn about the power of owning your own narrative.  Native American tribes are stewards of substantial natural resources on their lands.  There are aligned interests in resource development, but success requires understanding and respecting history, and engaging early to build and maintain alignment, while also preserving culture. 

    Join Gaia Chair Josh Etkind hosting Jim Grey, former chief of the Osage Nation.

    SPE California - January 12th, 12 pm Pacific Time - "Active control and measurement of oil vapor pressure to reduce emissions and increase oil volumes"

    Join SDTS Officer Tony Zamora this Wednesday january 12th hosting Isabel ChanofTechnipFMC who will explain how they are reducing leaks/emissions from onshore oil & gas production facilities by adjusting equipment to dynamically respond to fluctuations in temperature and vapor pressure. Dramatic improvements in both production efficiency and GHG emissions reduction have been demonstrated in the Bakken and elsewhere.    How can these technologies be applied in California's oil fields--and do they offer an opportunity for lower-carbon oil production?

    SPE London Section - January 20th 5pm BST - Measurement & Monitoring of Carbon Storage
    g Barny Brennan will be hosting  Scott Frailey talking about the  Storage Resource Management System (SRMS), a framework for quantifying CO2 storage potential, and Anne-Kari Furre will present a real-world example of a CCS injection and monitoring programme.  Always an engaging event. 

    2021 Events:
    SPE Virtual Workshop: Bridging the Gap Between Geothermal and Oil & Gas1 - 3 Dec 2021 Virtual [UTC+1]
    Chaired by Rebecca Schulz, IEA & Shell and developed by a fantastic committee

    The SPE Geothermal Workshop is going virtual: from heat exploration to production and everything in between!

    In recent years, we have seen increasing pledges from industry and governments to reduce emissions. Geothermal heating, cooling and power generation share significant overlap with the petroleum industry and can provide low-carbon energy options, but geothermal has not grown in line with other renewables. Join industry experts from both industries to examine the geothermal value chain and how new technologies and processes may be used to scale-up geothermal implementation globally!

    SPE Virtual Workshop: Hydrogen’s Role in Fuelling the Energy Transition16 - 17 Nov 2021 Virtual [UTC+1
    Chaired by John Butler

     The drive to scale up hydrogen production is accelerating and with the natural synergy between the use of offshore wind and traditional oil and gas offshore developments, this workshop will explain and identify the merits of hydrogen and how the oil and gas sector can champion this market through technology development and deployment. It will address how oil and gas operators can transition to alternative fuels including blue and green hydrogen in order to meet net zero GHG emissions targets. 

    In this workshop, the attendees explored a combination of CCUS and standard oil and gas competencies including drilling, engineering design and construction of subsea pipelines and associated upstream and downstream infrastructure.

    Gaia Talks
    December 2nd, 4 pm CET   Trey Shaffer, ERM hosting Lee Solsberry, Deb Ryan and Braulio Pikman   

    The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, will take place in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, between 31 October and 12 November 2021. 

     This SPE Live event will focus on what was accomplished and identify the most relevant takeaways for SPE members.  We will also cover the issues that remain unresolved and other notable headlines.

    December 1st 14:30:   SPE Water Technical Section Webinar:   Corporate Water Strategy and Business Value: Sustainability and Resilience hosting Will Sarni  -

    Don't miss Will Sarni, Founder and CEO of Water Foundry LLC who was a big hit at the SPE HSES International Conference in 2016.   He is also the CEO  of the Colorado River Basin Fund, the first placed-based water-focused investment  fund in the United States. Prior to Water Foundry, Sarni was a managing director at Deloitte Consulting where he established and led the water strategy practice.
    SPE Live: COP26 Takeaways — A Reality Check  - our 2nd post-COP 26 online event

    November 18th:   SPE London and Aberdeen Sections combine for a Net Zero Event:  COP 26 - what does it means for O&G?
    The YP and Net Zero Committees from these two Sections will host 

    Paul de Leeuw – Director Energy Transition, Robert Gordon University

    David Linden – Head of Energy Transition, Westwood Energy

    William Webster – Energy Policy Manager, OGUK

    SPE California: Gaia Talk: CSSG - A Commercial Solution for CO2 Capture 
    November 11th Tony Zamora, hosted Ramon Elias, Santa Maria Energy, and Bill Clary, Pacific AgriTec
    SPE Live:  Indigenous Wisdom Gaia Chair Josh Etkind hosting Chief Jerry Pardilla 

    SPE Live: Role of Young Professionals in the Energy Transition

    SPE Live: Bridging the Gap Between Geothermal and Oil & Gas

    SPE Live: Reducing Our Carbon Footprint in Well Operations 

    SPE Live: What is the Role of Oil & Gas in Achieving Net-Zero? 

    SPE Live: Unconventionals in Transition 

    GAIA Talk: Where Do We Stand? 

    We Are Delivering the Energy Transition 

    Extraordinary Times For The Oil and Gas Industry 

    OGCI, IPIECA, IOGP, SPE Gaia Talks on Methane