Officer Roles

Section Officer Roles

The 2022-2023 Committee is 

 OFFICERS Role / Responsibility
  Shaun Hingerty President and ANZ/PNG Council Representative
  vacant Vice President  
  Philip Mann
  Ralph Youie Treasurer / Public Officer 

  Rosemary Irrgang Scholarships Chair
  Dr Furquan Le-Hussain Student Chapter Liaison
  Shaun Hingerty Engineers Australia Liaison 
  Marilyn Braine
Web Master
  Andrew Lucas Communications and Outreach Chairperson
  vacant Membership Chair


The roles and responsibilities of the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairs of Membership, Programming, Student Support, and Young Professionals can be found here. Other specific roles and responsibilities are shown below

Role Description 
Public Officer

Required under the Associations Incorporation Act (2009) NSW. Is the official contact for the Association, has responsibilities under the legislation and ensures compliance with the Act


Scholarships Chair

Work on the selection of the recipients of the SPE section scholarship for approval by the committee. Additional duties include working with UNSW on the Henry Salisch Scholarship distribution and ensuring that the scholarship details are updated on the website.


Australia / New Zealand/ PNG Council Representative

Prepares material for, and participates in ANZ/PNG Council meetings. Provides feedback to and from the Section to Council.


Engineers Australia Liaison

This position is in contact with Engineers Australia to coordinate activities and feedback any issues specifically related to shared interests.  Established under the Engineers Australia and SPE Cooperation Agreement 2012



Maintains the section's SPE Connect and ensures that the website is up to date, including loading upcoming events..