This discipline encompasses completion design and installation, intelligent wells, sand control, hydraulic fracturing, acidizing and stimulation, and well integrity. Technical sections are available to support specialized interests.

Data Science and Engineering Analytics

Areas of interest include information systems, data utilization, and management, with specializations covered in the technical section.


This discipline covers topics from well planning and wellbore design through drilling equipment, systems, and operations to casing and cementing. Special interests are supported through technical sections.

Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability

This discipline comprises core HSE topics as well as research and sustainability issues.


This discipline encompasses topics ranging from strategic planning to energy economics, with specializations covered in technical sections.


This discipline focuses on artificial lift, well operations and optimization, surveillance and monitoring, production chemistry, well intervention, and decommissioning.

Projects, Facilities, and Construction

This discipline covers topics including processing, flow assurance, and subsea systems, measurement and control, platforms and floating systems, and facilities operations.


This discipline covers a range of topics, from simulation and formation evaluation to unconventional and enhanced recovery processes.

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Assuming the CO2 emission source has been identified and the CO2 can be feasibly captured, a storage reservoir and transportation approach needs to be assessed to ensure its suitability. A thorough technical evaluation and verification is key to the success and commerciality of these projects across the full life cycle from permitting to development, injection, and closure. Permits to inject CO2 underground require this detailed evaluation for documenting compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. Deadline to apply is September 21st. Apply Today

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“Repurposing Oil and Gas Wells for Geothermal - The Well Integrity Perspective”

The number of late- or end-life O&G wells continues to grow, while abandonment costs continue to rise. But what if we could re-purpose these wells into geothermal energy sources.? There are certainly significant benefits to be gained, but also some significant challenges.  
Please join us for a fascinating discussion of this concept, 18 September, 2023, 09:30 CDT. Presented by SPE International’s Well Integrity Technical Section (WITS). FREE for SPE members.

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