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Image credit: Martin Fernø, Lluis Saló-Salgado and Jan Martin Nordbotten

Welcome to the discussion board for the 11th SPE Comparative Solution Project! Feel free to join the community and post your questions and join the discussion on any CSP-related topics. Resources can be found in the “Library” tab, including the CSP description and the participation agreement

In addition to this community, don’t forget to visit the other CSP related resources on the web:

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    Hi everyone, I'm currently attempting to build a geological model using Petrel, but I'm having trouble finding ...

  • Hi, You can start from this file to generate a model for case c: ...

  • Hi Dr Bernd, Thank you very much for the clarification. Best regards, Bruno Fernandes

  • Dear all, It is a pleasure for me to share the news that the peer-reviewed version of the CSP description has ...

  • I am sure Jan will clarify this, but it depends on where your origin is and what is the z-direction. I believe ...

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