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CCUS Management workshop in China

  • 1.  CCUS Management workshop in China

    Posted 11-28-2023 08:44 AM

    Dear TS members,

    I would like to draw your attention to the SPE CCUS Management workshop in Qingdao China hosted by Sinopec. 

    China is a notable player in this effort, prioritizing carbon emissions reduction and supporting CCUS development through various initiatives. They have made significant progress in CCUS, including onshore or offshore large-scale CO2 storage projects.

    In this dynamic landscape, the inaugural SPE Workshop on CCUS Management in China takes center stage, offering a practical platform for industry professionals to convene, discuss, and exchange insights. It is designed to address the real-world challenges faced in the realm of CCUS, enabling participants to share their valuable experiences and contribute collectively to the effective deployment of CCUS technologies.

    SPE Workshop: CCUS Management | 16-18 April 2024

    Kind regards,

    Léon Beugelsdijk - co-chair 

    Kind regards,

    Léon Beugelsdijk - co-chair