Adding webpages & content items

In order to add a new webpage, simply click the "Edit Navigation" icon from any screen.

Once you are in the CMS as seen below, click on the "New" icon on the Navigation side and a new folder under the Navigation side will appear.  That is a new webpage.

In order to add a new Content Item to a webpage, highlight the folder/webpage on the Navigation side where you want to add a new content item, and click "New" on the Content Side, to open a new Content Item template


1.  Name Field.  
Name your Content Item here.  If you save an unnamed content item it will not save, and return you to this page. 

Show Check box
.  This name will appear on the webpage.
3. Page Layout.  Select the number that correlates to the position on the page for this content item to appear
4. Hide Content Item Check box.  
Checking this box will make the content item invisible to page visitors. 

5. Keywords Area.   Words inputted here serve as tags for the benefit of search engines, such as Google
6. User Access Area.  
The Content Item can be hidden to categories of viewers through the radio buttons.
7. By-line. (ADVANCED)
  Clicking the "more details" link exposes tags, which can be added to show details about the content author.
8. CSS Class Field (ADVANCED)
   CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which points to HTML code to change the layout characteristics of the header.
9. Type of Content Selection Area.  
Choose which of the five Content Area Types you wish to use.  HTML is the default. 
10.  The HTML Editor 
Learn more on the HTML Editor page.

11. & 12.  The Design and HTML Tabs.  
The Design Tab allows HTML editing through the HTML Editor interface.  This is the default selection.  The HTML tab shows the "raw" code, and allows direct editing in HTML code. 

13. Preview Tab
.  Shows a preview of what the page will look like when saved.  

14. Save.  
Click to complete editing and save your work.