2021 Virtual Career Pathways Fair Adviser

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Signup Deadline: 04-19-2021
Starts: 04-27-2021
Ends: 04-29-2021
Location: Online Opportunity


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Virtual Career Pathways Fair - 27, 28, 29 April 2021
SPE International is calling for volunteers to participate in the Third Virtual Career Pathways Fair!  During this event we are looking for volunteers to give advice through quick-fire virtual mentoring, explaining what it is like to do your job in the industry and how people who want to follow your footsteps can best prepare.

Advisers will be asked to review content for their virtual booth to make sure it properly reflects the job they are representing, and answer questions from participants during the "live" time slots.  

As an online opportunity, we are looking for volunteers who can commit to three hours on at least one of the event dates during which time they can respond to online questions about their role. We are also looking for virtual moderators who can encourage and engage discussion in networking forums.

About the Virtual Conference

This is our first Virtual Conference and we are working with platform provider iVent to create a conference style website. This we will be live for a few hours on three consecutive days to encourage users and volunteers to participate at the same time. During this time users will be able to access live webinars, exhibitors and professionals to gain a better understanding of the career opportunities ahead of them.

Volunteers will be given unique access to online booths were we will show resources about different job roles in the industry. This will be a focal point for people to submit text questions about your role that you can respond to during the conference.

Event dates and timings

The event will be run over three days, these will be live at different times to allow people in all parts of the world to participate. The timings shown below are shown in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) so please ensure your account for your time zone when considering the options.



Tuesday 27 April 2021 – UTC+0 0700 – 1000


Wednesday 28 April 2021 – UTC+0 1200 – 1500


Thursday 29 April 2021 – UTC+0 1500 - 1800


Volunteer Positions/Requirements

Volunteers need to be able to committee to at least 3 hours on the dates shown above where they will have access to a computer with a reliable internet connection. As volunteers are providing advice to students and young professionals, all volunteers must have reasonable professional experience in the field they want to represent.   

We are looking for more representatives for the following fields;


  • Cementing Engineer (HIGH DEMAND)
  • Commercial Analysts / Adviser
  • Data Analysts and Software Development (HIGH DEMAND)
  • Geophysicist / Geomechanic (HIGH DEMAND)
  • Health and Safety Specialist (HIGH DEMAND)
  • Informational Technology Consultant (HIGH DEMAND)
  • Subsea Engineer
  • Sustainability Consultant / Engineer (HIGH DEMAND)
FILLED ROLES (You can still apply if you wish but you may be asked for secondary specialties.) 

  • Academic / Professor
  • Completion Engineer
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Exploration Geologist
  • Facilities / Plant Engineer
  • Fracture Stimulation Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Research and Development
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Petrophysicist
  • Project Engineer / Manager
If you have any question or think your job role is not covered please email us at YP@spe.org



Coaching / Mentoring
Diversity / Cultural Awareness
Education and career planning
Effective Communication
Paid Member

Volunteers Needed:

200 (71 open slots)


YP Programs Administrator