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Dear members, Dear friends and colleagues,
This is to announce our annual field trip that will take place on Thursday 1st October.
We will visit a very interesting alpine geological/palaeontological feature located beyond the Emosson dam that we visited last year, i.e. the Triassic proto-dinosaurs track site of Vieux-Emosson.
The programme is to travel by bus or individual cars (depending on the number of participants) to the Emosson dam via Chamonix.
Then a 2 ½ hours uphill hike along a beautiful mountain path will lead us to the track site at an altitude of 2400 m.

Our guide and geoscience specialist will be Mr Lionel Cavin from the Natural History Museum of Geneva (see attached programme and summary description).  Mr. Cavin is the curator of the Department of Geology and Palaeontology for the Natural History Museum in Geneva
This field trip is somehow unusual as it involves a 2 ½ hrs uphill hike (at a normal pace) with a lunch from your rucksack on site after a presentation of the track site and its palaeontological/geological features. The downhill hike will be less than 2 hrs. Good hiking shoes are compulsory, warm cloths and rain jacket recommended !
This will be a great day outdoor in the mountains, mixing hiking exercise, geosciences and networking with other participants in the backcountry !
Of course good weather conditions will make the hike a success, but a plan B will be presented in case of rain.

**Please see the detailed program overview here**

Please register on the link below by September 22, COB. Please mention in the RSVP section of Whoozin if you can drive your car and the number of seats available (total, including you). In case of a large number of participants we will try to organise a bus ride for all.

I would be very pleased to share this exceptional moment with you, and shall be looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Alexandre J. Muller
SPE Swiss Section, Chairman


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