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SPE STTS Savvy Separator ShopTalk # 2 - Effect of Pressure on Mist Eliminators


In today’s era of higher expectations, achieving higher benefits requires better knowledge on the part of users. It is no longer adequate for a designer to simply indicate “mist eliminator” in the data sheets.

In order to design a phase separation vessel appropriately, it is very important to check the performance of the system (inlet to outlet) rather than just concentrating on the demisting device. Of course, selecting and appropriately sizing the correct mist elimination device is the most critical of those. Ever been told that you have to derate mist eliminators as pressure increases? Or don’t use vanes above a certain pressure? What is happening to the fluid properties?

This second “Savvy Separator ShopTalk” will address these questions and more.

Registration Link: Microsoft Virtual Events Powered by Teams

Moderator: Peggy Lane – Former Separation SME at BP

ShopTalkers: Michael O'Dell – Koch-Glitsch; Moize Turkey – AMACS Process Tower Internals

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2 days ago

Hello Everyone

Due to Hurricane Beryl, yesterday's STTS Shoptalk on "Effect of Pressure on Mist Eliminators" has been postponed.

We will be working on our end to get a new date out and convey to all the attendees soon.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the last minute change as few of the organizers were without power and did not have internet.

Thank you for your understanding in this regards.