About the SDTS

Welcome to the SPE Sustainable Development Technical Section (SDTS) microsite! You have joined a fast evolving community of individuals committed to helping the oil and gas industry accelerate the integration of sustainability practices in to its operations and behaviors. Today the SDTS community stands at more than 650 members.

This microsite has been created to inform and educate and to encourage interaction and sharing by members of the SDTS.

The SDTS is led by a Board of Directors which meets monthly by phone conference to progress a number of work scopes. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you active on this microsite which is for the SDTS members. This microsite provides super community building functionality. Let’s use it. Please share Events and Articles of interest, initiate Discussions, propose ideas, mobilize members in your direct chapter or regions or virtually.The Technical Section Chair and Vice-Chair will circulate regular Broadcasts to all Members to summarize progress on sub-committee work and share key events, articles and news of interest. Please make sure your membership profile accepts the receipt of Broadcasts.

About Us

In 2010 SPE the then President Behrooz Fattahi made a commitment to formalize the inclusion of “sustainable development” in the SPE offering to members. In Behrooz’s words at the time:

“Many companies have developed measures and key performance indicators to satisfy their corporate social responsibility, and to ensure that they remain sustainable in many aspects of their operation. While these are important, taken individually, such undertakings are too fragmented: a more collective approach will need to become the subject of discussion in more global conferences and technical meetings, and t"opics for best-practices workshops. SPE can play a significant role by facilitating such opportunities.”

A committee was formed and charged with:

  • Exploring SPE’s role and strategy in addressing sustainability
  • Exploring SPE’s role in encouraging a methodical approach to sustainability for our industry
  • Generate proposals for the SPE Board to direct resources to address identified needs and opportunities
  • Fully participate in global sustainability discussions as an enthusiastic participant and contributor and not as a casual observer

The founding Committee evolved in to a temporary Task Force and in May 2015 became an SPE Technical Section run by a Steering Committee and proud to have over 600 members from all over the world join in its first year of existence.

Quarterly Broadcasts to all Members will provide information on the progress on sub-committee work, events, articles and news.

Welcome to the SDTS – we look forward to your participation and contributions.