Petroleum Technology Luncheon - April 11th

Petroleum Technology In-Person meeting April 11 at 11:30AM

The Grand 4101 E Willow St Long Beach, CA 90815
Presentation: 11:30AM - 01:00PM
$35.00 Luncheon Fee
$10.00 for Students

Optimizing Well, Pipeline and Cable Operations with the use of Fiber Optic Sensing Technology

Andres Chavarria,
Technical Director,

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Fiber optic instrumentation is sensitive to temperature, strain, acoustics and seismic signals. This versatility can enable various types of cables to monitor different types of infrastructure in real time with high spatial and temporal resolution. In this presentation I give an overview of how operators are using these sensors to assess aspects of well and pipeline integrity. Showing various case studies, we demonstrate how this technology can greatly improve operations of critical assets including power cables that instrument offshore and land facilities. I will show how these real time sensors can also be used for subsurface analysis that can help operations of reservoirs and/or underground storage facilities.


Andres Chavarria is LUNA-OptaSense’s Technical Director. He oversees a team of experts on fiber optic sensing covering a wide range of applications in O&G, mining, smart city, renewable energy and infrastructure monitoring. He has +20 years’ experience on earth science and engineering monitoring. He was the Geophysical Processing Manager at SR2020 and Paulsson. He holds an Engineering Degree from UNAM and a PhD Degree on Geophysics from Duke University.

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