Distinguished Lecturers Selections 2022/2023

Please Vote no later than January 10th for the SPE Distinguished Lecturers which you would like to have to give a presentation to the LA Basin Section in 2022-2023.

Links to files are provided below which:

  1. List all the 2022-2023 DLs, their Discipline, their Company affiliations, and their lecture titles (Download)
  2. Have all of the Abstracts and Bios for the 2022-2023 DLs if you wish to know more about each presentation (Download)
  3. Is the spreadsheet for making your DL preference selections. Please follow the instructions below. (Download)

Rank your favorite on the Spreadsheet as "10", your next favorite as "9", etc., all the way down to "1".

Email your completed spreadsheet to tcfrankiewicz@gmail.com no later than January 10th.

Dr. Frankiewicz will compile the votes and advise the SPE DL Committee of the Section's preferences based upon the received votes. To maximize the probability of obtaining our highest preferences, we will be coordinating the LA Basin selections with the San Joaquin Valley Section selections.