Upcoming Meetings

Sustainable Oil & Gas Development is a broad scope—within which we intended to focus on issues of climate action, affordable clean energy, clean water, waste reduction and community engagement. (for a good map of how our industry supports Sustainable Development, see joint report on Mapping the oil and gas industry to the Sustainable Development Goals).


A few topics in our cue that we are working to deliver in upcoming meetings:

  • Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS) potential in Calif
  • Repurposing abandoned infrastructure for geothermal and/or gas storage
  • Offshore decommissioning
  • Geochemical process for CO2 mineralization
  • Methane emissions monitoring via aerial or satellite imaging.
  • New regulatory initiatives and programs
  • Renewable energy use within field operations
  • SPE’s Gaia Program supporting sustainable development


The California Sustainable Development Study Group is just kicking off and we have scheduled our first meeting for Thursday June 25th 2020.

Join us for our first virtual event "Geological Processes for CO2 Removal from Air and Permanent Storage at the Scale of Gigatons per Year" on Thursday June 25 2020 at 12:00pm (noon) Pacific Time.  

Click here for further information and registration.

If you have any questions about the California Sustainable Development Study Group—or if you have an idea for a good topic/presenter—please contact Tony Zamora at tony@tonyzamora.com.