The contacts for SPE Java Scholarship are:
  1. Teddy H. Komaroedin  :
  2. Bambang Sadarta  :


The budget for 2019 – 2020 scholarship programs is Rp 110,000,000. Fund to generate this program will be from our local SPE Java Indonesia fund raising activities such as Golf, Shrimp Boil and BBQ Party.


This year we are planning the following scholarship activities;

  • 2 Recipients from 11 (eleven) universities (UI, Trisakti , ITB, UNPAD, UPN, UNDIP, ITS, UGM. ITSB, PEM Akamigas, Akamigas Balongan ) with a total of 22 recipients.
  • Each student will receive Rp 2,500,000 per semester (total 2 semesters per year).


All applicants need to write a semi-technical article related to oil and gas. The students will learn how to write an article as a preparation for the upcoming working assignment.

The guidelines for writing an article can be downloaded below:


Here are some information relating to the history of the SPE Java Indonesia Scholarship Program and its objectives;

The SPE Java Scholarship program has been established since 1987 to support students pursuing studies related to Petroleum industry. The program is administrated yearly to capture the following objectives; 

  1. Support Petroleum Engineering curriculum. Because SPE is the professional association for Petroleum Engineers, the SPE Boards feel the first emphasis should be placed on supporting Petroleum-Engineering Department and also Geological Engineering whose curriculum are accredited.
  2. Help provide an adequate supply of Engineering Manpower. Scholarship will be granted to those students whom, on basis of careful review of qualifications, offer promise to make a contribution to the Petroleum industry.
  3. Recognize academic excellence. Scholarships will be weighted to recognize academic achievement.
  4. Financial need consideration. Scholarships will be weighted to consider financial need.
  5. Give preference to entering freshmen. Surveys show that the greatest need for scholarships exists at the entering freshmen level.


Scholarship Eligibility;

  • Student of Petroleum Engineering or other related study. Enrolled in an Indonesian University currently graduating engineering students at the S1 level.
  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on scale of 4.0. The minimum GPA must be maintained for each semester of studies and a grade transcript will be required prior to receiving the scholarship payment for each following semester.
  • Specifically for students in semester 3 and semester 5
  • Minimum of 18 credit hours of study per semester.
  • Financial need as evidence from the financial conditions of parents.
  • Currently not receiving any scholarships from other institution
  • The scholarship program will not be extended for the student continuing his / her education beyond the S1 level. Student, who does not maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA may be put on probationary status for one semester upon written explanation by the student and the school’s Department Head to the SPE Indonesia Section explaining the reason for the reduced GPA. SPE reserves the right to reject this request if the explanation is determined to be a insufficient justification.
  • The scholarship requirement can be downloaded in this website.  See the link below:


Scholarship Process;

The following steps applied to students who like to be considered for the SPE Scholarship.

  1. The scholarship recipient candidates nominated by the university or self-application must fill in the Scholarship Entry Form that can be downloaded in this website. Download the Scholarship Entry Form: EntryForm.docx
  2. SPE will conduct an interview session with the candidates. SPE will announce the list of students who are eligible for the interview, along with the time and place for the interview. Interview usually conducted at the student’s university.
  3. SPE will announce the list of students who received the scholarship after careful review of student’s qualification based on submitted documents and interview result. Students are encouraged to attach any relevant documents to help the scholarship committee to recognize student’s achievement or needs.


Scholarship Schedule;

  1. End August 2019: SPE sends out invitation letter to the universities.
  2. 30 November 2019 : SPE receives the completed scholarship entry form including copy of supporting documents, i.e. academic transcript, financial need statement, parent’s paycheck slip, etc.
  3. December 2019 : Selection and Interview processes.
  4. January 2020: Announcement of scholarship recipients to the universities.


Scholarship Recipients;

In 2016, SPE Java has granted scholarship to 8 universities in the Java area. Those 8 universities that have Petroleum Engineering or other related majors are Institute Technology Bandung and Pajajaran University (Bandung), University of Indonesia (Jakarta), University of Trisakti (Jakarta), University of Pembangunan Nasional Veteran and University of Gajah Mada (Yogyakarta), Diponegoro University UNDIP (Semarang) and ITS (Surabaya).

See below List of Recipients;

If you are eligible for the scholarship, submit your application here.