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The Hydrogen Technical Section (H2TS) brings together technical professionals and academia who are active, or have a deep interest, in the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier, and as a potential new energy source. This Technical Section aims to share knowledge, experiences, leading practice, promote industry awareness, and enhance technical competencies.

Our Scope

We use the term “energy carrier” to denote all aspects of the hydrogen supply chain including production, transport, storage, and use. Ammonia and other compounds of hydrogen are also included for their potential as an energy carrier solution. There is also increasing interest in the "Natural" Hydrogen as an energy source. Hydrogen will play a part to sustainably meet our energy needs in the future, and you are invited to join our new technical section to help make it so.

Our Deliverables include:

  • Capability development through on-line events, online networking, workshops, and conferences.
  • Transfer of knowledge and best practices through meetings, events, communications, articles in SPE publications; technical papers and presentations; and SPE Connect.
  • Close ties with other SPE Sections and regions that complement and enhance current energy transition initiatives within our industry.
  • Closer links between the energy industry and academia.
  • Promotion of professionalism, certification, and Distinguished Lecturer programming applicable and nomination of worthy candidates for SPE Awards in the domain.
  • Engagement of young professionals seeking to make a career contribution to the development of a sustainable energy future.
  • Collaborations with other professional organizations working on Hydrogen R&D, Commercialization, Transportation and Delivery to the end-users.

 Letter from the Chairman

Early on in my career, I once heard a former CEO of a major oil company characterize the role of the petroleum engineer as the bridge between geoscience and profit; our mantra was “find more, produce more and cost less”. I was enthused by the simplicity of our mission and excited by the many challenges of making it happen.

As petroleum engineers, we can be rightly proud of our achievements in tackling the technical, commercial and safety challenges to deliver abundant affordable energy to the world. But our world has changed. There are new challenges that require a tectonic shift from the old paradigms.

Petroleum engineers represent a well proven intellectual resource with skills that are highly transferrable to meet a new set of challenges to continue to supply the energy needs of the world going forward. The use of Hydrogen as an energy carrier has its own challenges and, although different, these are certainly no greater that those petroleum engineers have faced and overcome in the past.

Hydrogen will play a part, as an energy carrier, to sustainably meet our energy needs in the future and I would like to invite you to join our new technical section to help make it so.

H2TS Chairperson
Chris Kalli

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