Section Board

The Great Yarmouth Petroleum Section has a long history in the East Anglia Region and was founded in 1984. 

Board meeting
Above are the members of the board - from left to right: Bob Byrom (Chairperson), Mike Horne (Secretary), Robert Hunt (Membership), Clive Skoyles (Program), Caroline Kannwischer (Replaced by Ian Barclay as Webmaster), Phil Smith (Treasurer), Gary Matthews (YP Chair). The picture was taken in January 2020.

Under normal circumstances the board meets once a month at the Imperial Hotel in Great Yarmouth and very often hosts presentations for its members the same day. Due to the pandemic the mode of operation has been switched to virtual with in-person meetings limited to as and when required. We are currently looking at how to provide our usual presentations while remaining virtual with a dual approach in mind going forwards even past the pandemic. 

If you are interested in volunteering with us please get in touch.