STC 2013

Student Technical Conference 2013

Last year’s Student Technical Conference again was a great success as again some 90 participants could enjoy 15 high-quality student presentations and a lively keynote speech giving the audience a feel for what it means to be a start-up exploration company in Germany. An all-time high of 18 technical posters and an excursion to the close-by RWE Dea lab completed the excellent technical content.

It appears that each year the STC grows more international and professional, with participants last year from several European countries and a rising number of PhD student presenters.

But it was not “just technical” – it was also very enriching for the students to network with their peers from other countries and with oilfield professionals and HR representatives. Again, we received lots of positive feedback. Thanks go to our sponsors and exhibitors, all lecturers and poster presenters that put in a lot of sweat to make this intellectually enticing, and of course the organising team led by Thomas Ihle.

With these experiences from last year, we are happy to announce the 2013 Student Technical Conference.

It will be in a very similar format with 14 lectures, 2 key-notes, and several posters, again in Wietze. Here is the time-table:

  • 12th July: Deadline for abstracts. If you are a student and read this: Go for it! It’s well worth it.
  • 13th September:
    • Initial participant enrolment. Any unused university- or sponsor-seats will be reallocated.
    • Deadline for advertising and exhibitor enrolment.
  • 24/25th October: Student Technical Conference at the Oil Museum in Wietze

I’m looking much forward to another exciting, valuable, and enjoyable event and hope to see you there!

Ingo Forstner

Chairman SPE

German Section
P.S. you may see pictures of the STC 2013, wehn you click here: