STC 2012

Student Technical Conference 2012

Our 7th Student Technical Conference was held again in the historic setting of the German Oil Museum in Wietze on 18th and 19th October, 2012.

Attending were a diverse group of 55 students from Bachelor to Ph.D. level. Most of them studying Petroleum Engineering, but also Geosciences, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Sciences were represented. As in previous years, many nationalities were present with students from Norway, Denmark, Austria, Turkey, and Romania as well as from the German Universities of Freiberg, Clausthal, Braunschweig, and Göttingen.

Additionally, some 30 industry representatives and faculty members were present, many of which commented on the impressive quality of the presentations and posters that were on par with level of presentations of globally renown conferences. Not just the presentations were of high quality, but also the Q&A sessions very informative. All-in-all, students presented 14 papers and 16 posters. Throughout, it was obvious that the students had put a lot of effort and care in preparing for their presentations and posters. For this, we thank them, as it was a key to the success of the conference.

A highlight of the conference was the keynote speech by Dr. Thomas Schröter, VP of CEP, who talked about their exploration activity in North-East Germany.

We also want to express our sincere gratitude to our sponsors who made this conference possible, ten of which also had corporate booths at the conference. There were lots of constructive and valuable discussions between students and company representatives both in the breaks at the booths and at the group dinner, which lasted till late.

After the conference, we visited the nearby RWE Dea laboratories and core archive, which drew a lot of interest.

I thank my team for the extraordinary work they put in to prepare the event over the last months. Thomas Ihle as our STC officer, Matthias Meister as Program Chair, Stephan Dankers as Treasurer, Wolfgang Jelinek and Jan van den Akker as photographers and Ulrike McVean as the administrative wizard with hundreds of little tasks in the background. Also, I’d like to thank Dr. Heiko Möller of RWE Dea and his team for the interesting lab visit and Dr. Martin Salesch and his team of the oil museum for a seamless organization at the location – mastering even a power outage right before seemingly effortless.

Agreeing with the many participants I talked about it, I am much looking forward to the STC 2013, which I’m sure will be a great success again.

Ingo Forstner

Chairman SPE

German Section