Event Description


Our lectures are evening events. They are open to everyone. The language can be either German or English – depending on the presenter and topic. Lecture language will be the same as in the title of the individual talk.

Our lectures are technical in nature. We typically have 20…30 participants attending our lectures – experts in the respective field, practitioners, students, interested engineers of other disciplines, and other interested people – in other words quite a diverse group ranging from the interested layman to the expert.

Schedule and location are event dependent and will be communicated


30 Euros for SPE members, 35 Euros for non-members. 10 Euros for Students, and retirees (those without a regular income). This is being collected in cash before the lecture.

This includes the lecture, drinks during the welcome reception and during the lecture, the banquet dinner  and the first drink at the dinner.

Double lecture / Doppelvortrag

A double lecture follows the same line of thought as a “regular” lecture – same cost, location, start time.

The difference is that rather than one presenter and topic there are two at the same evening. Individually they are slightly shorter (2x (45min lecture+15min Q&A), no break). So the overall technical content last 2 hours rather than 1.5 hours, with dinner starting around 8:30 p.m.


Think of a workshop as a much expanded lecture, with 4.5 to 5 hours of technical content.  Typically held at the Park Inn Hotel in Hannover; often by a SPE Intl. Distinguished Lecturer.


1 pm.:  Start of Workshop, one longer coffee break of 30…60min

6 pm: Dinner


120 Euros for SPE members, 150 Euros for non-members. 30 Euros for Students, and retirees (those without a regular income). This is being collected in cash before the lecture (or – if you like this better – you  can wire it ahead of time).


Excursions can take many shapes and forms. They all have in common that we meet at an interesting place/plant/facility/mine/geological formation. Usually an excursion starts in the late morning or even at lunch time, so that most participants don’t need to stay overnight. We often have some introductory presentations by the hosting organization, followed by a guided tour – overall typically some 4-6 hours.

Cost can vary. Some we can offer free of charge. Most other excursions copy the cost structure of our lectures. This often includes one meal.

Different from our lectures and workshops, excursions are often for a limited number of participants and some restrictions may apply.

Please read your invitation details carefully, as e.g. you may be required to bring personal safety gear  such as hard hats or safety shoes.


This is what you can expect: You use a special web-based software to view a Powerpoint presentation remotely. During the presentation you can participate actively - primarily by voting during poll sessions and by asking questions or stating comments via the built-in "notes"(chat) function. We have a dedicated person knowledgeable in the subject, just to answer questions that arise during the webinar. Many webinars have a very lively chat-discussion. The voice connection is via a teleconference via your phone at the same time (not your computer). Especially if there is more than one person in your room, you should use a speaker phone. For most of the webinar you will be in listen-only mode. Towards the end, we will have a Q&A session via phones, though. Overall, this is a lot easier for you than it sounds. Just give it a try.

Time: Usually a Friday, 10:15 a.m. for 45min

Cost: Free-of-Charge.

Dial-in details will be sent after registration.

Participation: Often, US sanctions will apply. If you are associated with Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria, please check beforehand if you are eligible to participate.


A congress is typically a multi-day, multi-presenter event. On an annual basis we offer the 2-day “Student Technical Congress”, which you need to apply for if you want to participate.


Our section also participates at conferences and other events of other organizations – such as the DGMK spring conference and some job fairs. We usually have a booth at these shows and sometimes also offer presentations/lectures at these events.

Annual meeting

During our annual meeting the new officers are being elected, the past year is being reported on, awards are presented to students, who also present their topics to the audience. Usually some social event is also organized. The annual meeting location rotates, typically between the Universities of our associated student chapters (Freiberg, Clausthal, Aachen). It is free-of-charge and usually takes one full day. Several participants elect to arrive the evening before as well.


Typically in August we have our annual summer barbecue – usually hosted by Cameron in Celle. While the schedule may change, typically it starts on a Friday afternoon at 5 p.m. At 6p.m. there is  a technical presentation by the host, followed by a plant tour. After this we have a barbecue. Cost is the same as for the lectures.


We also offer events that don’t follow any of our standard formats.