Previous Chairpersons

Our section is led by a team of officers who are honorary volunteers with diverse backgrounds, typically employed by operators, contractors or service companies, but also from academia, consultancies, and public authorities. The team of officers is led by a chairperson who may only serve two years in a row to ensure diversity.

These were the chairpersons of GSSPE:

1990-1992           Prof H. Rischmüller (KTB)

1992-1994           C. Chur (KTB)

1994-1995           W. Schäfer (DEA)

1995-1996           G. Haase (WIAG)

1996-1997           H. Andreae (Preussag)

1997-1998           R. Mathes (Schlumberger)

1998                     H. Schmidt (RWE-Dea)

1998-1999           J. Pfeiffer (Schlumberger)

1999-2001           R. Wilhelm (BEB)

2001- 2002          S. Müssig (BEB)

2002-2004           A. Peters (Wintershall)

2004-2006           A. Achilles (RWE-Dea)

2006-2008           A. Peters (Wintershall)

2008-2010           J. van der Sijp (KCA Deutag)

2010-2012           M. Meister (Baker Hughes)

2012-2014           I. Forstner (Baker Hughes)

2014-2016           S.Müssig (MT Oil Consulting)

2016-2018           O. Zhebel (Zhebeloks)

2018-2020           T. Backers (Geomecon)

2020-2022           S. Wessling (Baker Hughes)

2022-Present      Sven Haberer (Baker Hughes)