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SPE Poland Section and AGH UST Student Chapter Awards







SPE Poland Section 2nd time had been awarded with SPE President Excellence Award


  • Edyta Mikołajczak won 1st Prize at 5th Future Petroleum Engineers Forum in Beijing, China.

    On 23. 05.15 one of our friends Edyta Mikołajczak has represented our Chapter and took part in the 5th Future Petroleum Engineers Forum in Beijing, China.

    She was among the best 18 students in the world and took first place in the contest !

    We are so proud and we wish her further successes.




2015 ATCE - Houston

"Shaping the Future Requires Resilience and Innovation"

Helge Hove Haldorsen, 2015 SPE President



Greetings, fellow SPE members and energy professionals. And thank you very much for coming to the 2015 ATCE in the middle of this difficult oil price downturn. We have, of course, been here many times before,and we know what we have to do. We want to continuously adapt, strengthen, and reinvent our industry because oil and gas will be needed for decades to come. And we must restore competitiveness over the cycle as oil prices going forward possibly will be ‑ uctuating even more rapidly,and to lesser heights and deeper lows, than before this last downturn due to the new market dynamics. Anyway we do that is by showing capital discipline, really prioritizing value over volume to secure resilience; by rebasing our cost levels downward through simplication,industrialization, and automation; and by boosting the effi­ciency of everything we do.But you cannot just cost-cut your way to greatness.Radical and incremental innovation through the steady introduction of new technology and new business models will also be needed. We are just an innovation away from doing much better in so many areas. I also strongly believe that collaboration is the new way to compete.It still is the test that survive, but I think that the test going forward will be the best collaborators 360°(internally between disciplines and externally with service companies, rig owners, and with experts in the internet of everything, big data, and automation).e silver lining is that we will come out of this a  stronger industry. Another key exploration and production (E&P) dimension: During the next 5years, 50% of the currently active E&P professionals are projected to leave the industry. is will open huge, exciting opportunities for the next wave of E&P professionals. therefore, a special welcome to all educators, students, and young professionals (YPs)!